Do You Need to Upgrade to the New AirPods?


We have been writing about how good the original AirPods were for a while now. And Apple has now finally gone and upgraded them.

Of course, if you are looking for a truly wireless experience, they still remain the benchmark. But what if you (like many others) already have a pair of the original AirPods. Do you need to upgrade to the new AirPods?

Yes if “Hey, Siri” matters
One of the biggest problems with the original AirPods was the almost total absence of buttons on the device. You had to tap them to pause or to summon Siri, the iPhone’s assistant.

Well, with the new AirPods, simply saying “Hey, Siri” will bring the assistant to life. No tapping needed. Does not sound like a big deal? We think it is, especially given how well it works!

Yes, if split second faster connectivity is important
It is not a massive difference, but the new AirPods actually do connect faster to devices. And switch between them more swiftly.

It is not a difference that is noticeable when you move from the original AirPods to the new ones, but when you go back from the new ones to the old ones, you will notice the extra seconds being taken.

Yes, if you want better sound quality
Again, the difference in sound quality between the new and old AirPods is not very evident right up front. There is no booming bass or a radical change in audio quality.

But if you listen closely, you will sense slightly sharper sound. There is still no noise isolation or cancellation, though, and you can still hear sounds around you. Which is sort of good… and bad.

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Yes, if you want more talk time
Battery life of the new AirPods remains largely the same as the originals when it comes to general use. But yes, if you use them for taking calls, there is a clear increase.

Apple claims that the new AirPods give three hours of talk time, up from two on the previous ones; while we are not so sure about the actual numbers, you can actually talk for longer on them. So yeah, a great option for those who love using them for calls.

Yes, if wireless charging matters
Perhaps the most talked about change in the new AirPods is the support for wireless charging. Mind you, it is only the case that supports wireless charging — you would need to purchase a wireless charger separately anyway for it to function.

You can buy the wireless charging case separately for Rs 7,900, or just buy the AirPods and wireless charging case for Rs 18,900.

No, if you were looking for radical change
If you liked the original AirPods but were expecting a significant change in them, we would ask you to stay away from the new ones. They are more of the same, only slightly improved, courtesy the new chip and a few other enhancements.

The design is the same, and well, there are still no colours, noise isolation/cancellation, changes in bud sizes or even massively improved battery life. 

No, if you did not like the original AirPods
Bought the original AirPods and were not exactly swept away by them? Well, you can give the new ones a miss. They are a very subtle upgrade.

Traveller’s Tip: They remain insanely simple to use and easy to carry, but their tendency to pop out of ears and lack of dust and water resistance still hold the AirPods back from being travellers’ must-haves. They are great for single day, non-stress trips, though, as they are just so easy to use!



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