A smartwatch for Rs 1,999? Lenovo just launched one – the EGO!


Smartwatches are extremely versatile and clever gadgets. What they are not, however, are super affordable. With great smartwatches come massive price tags – ask anyone who has considered buying an Apple Watch if you do not believe us. In fact, a few months ago, we considered the Amazfit Blip an excellent deal for about Rs 7,000 (http://kunzum.com/2019/19/the-most-affordable-smartwatch-this-is-it/), which should give you a rough idea of just how expensive smartwatches are.

Well, Lenovo is looking to change that with its first smartwatch in India – the EGO, which is priced at an almost unbelievable Rs 1,999! That is about USD 30. Well, you normally get fitness bands at that price (the Mi Fitness Band 3 is priced at Rs 1,999).

And rather remarkably, Lenovo does not seem to have cut too many corners in getting that price tag. No, you will not be getting an OLED display, but what Lenovo terms a 42 mm (1.6 inches) “anti-shine display”, which is large enough but is a monochrome one. In terms of design, it does seem to have drawn some inspiration from Casio’s famous G-Shock series, with its round display surrounded by an array of buttons on the sides. That is not really a bad thing – unlike the Amazfit Flip, the EGO does look more like a regular electronic watch (it has a round display), and will appeal to those who want something chunky on their wrist (it comes with a black rubber strap, incidentally).

The EGO also seems well-stacked with features. No, it is not an Android Wear smartwatch (well, neither is the Amazfit Blip) and that display is not a touchscreen (hence all the buttons around it) and that display we have no idea about the processor it has, but it definitely ticks a lot of smartwatch boxes. It has plenty of sensors, most notably an accelerometer, gyroscope and a heart rate sensor. Again, some might complain about the absence of Wi-Fi and GPS, but the smartwatch pairs with Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth, and delivers notifications for calls, messages, mails and social media. The heart rate sensor allows you to track your heart rate activity throughout the day and the watch can also track your sleep, as well as other activities, including swimming. And well, it can track swim statistics because it is waterproof – it comes with up to 50 meters of water resistance. The best part? It comes with excellent battery life – a single charge will be able to see you through twenty days of usage.

Of course, it cannot be all roses, which is why we are not delivering any verdict on it yet. But what cannot be denied is that at its launch price, the EGO seems to have what it takes (on paper at least) to puncture some smart band egos, if not smartwatch ones. Yes, we have seen low-cost smartwatches in the past but none that were from an established brand at this sort of price point. We are going to be sharing how well it performs in the coming days, but as of now, the EGO definitely has the looks, the features and most importantly, the price to make you consider buying a smartwatch!




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