Apple’s New Wireless Ear Buds — Ten Things to Note about the Powerbeats Pro


Mention truly wireless earphones and the first thing most people think of will be Apple’s AirPods. And with good reason.

As we have pointed out in the past, they are easily the best of their kind, simply because they are so easy to use.

Apple updated the AirPods a few weeks ago, launching the AirPods 2 (more about them here). And now the company has come out with a new set of truly wireless earphones.

No, they are not AirPods. Apple is also the owner of Beats, the company that makes premium audio equipment. And the new wireless earphones come under the Beats brand — the first time Beats has made truly wireless headphones.

They are called Powerbeats Pro and well, they are similar and yet very different from their AirPod siblings. No, they are not available yet, but here are six points about them that are well worth noting:

They will not fall out
The first thing that will strike you about the Powerbeats Pro is that they come with hooks that will loop around your ear and keep the earbuds firmly in place. Yes, we have been amazed at how stable the AirPods are, but they DO fall out.

These ones are likely to stay anchored in more firmly, making them much better as workout and extreme travel companions. And yes, there are four sets of ear tips too.


They have controls on them
Unlike the AirPods which had no controls on them whatsoever, apart from the option of tapping to pause, the Powerbeats Pro comes with volume and track skipping control buttons on both earbuds and a button for declining calls.

They even come with sensors that pause music when you take one out, and resume when you place it back in your ear. Incidentally, like the AirPods, both the Powerbeats Pro earbuds connect separately to your device, so you can use any one of them if need be!


The H1 processor
Like the AirPods 2, the Powerbeats Pro also comes with Apple’s new H1 processor, which means support for “Hey, Siri” commands without having to touch the earbuds and also better switching between different devices. 

Powerful sound and noise isolation
Beats is known for a slightly bass rich sound and the Powerbeats Pro are offering “powerful, balanced” sound. Which, judging from most early impressions, seems to be very impressive and definitely better than the AirPods (which incidentally have very good sound themselves).

What’s more, unlike the AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro come with noise isolation (find out more about it here), which means they will at least seal out ambient sound.


Better battery life and a bigger battery case
The Powerbeats Pro claim to come with nine hours of battery life. And with a case that will provide upto 24 hours of battery life, with five minutes of charging good enough to give you an hour and a half of music when the going gets tough.

There is a catch, though — the case is a bit on the bulky side, as it has to accommodate those ear hooks too. So if you are looking for something as compact as the Airpods case, forget about it. 

Sweat and water resistance but no IP rating
Again, unlike the AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro do claim to be “water and sweat resistant.” There is, however, no IP rating on them, which would mean that they might be able to withstand splashes of water and sweat but are unlikely to withstand a proper soaking.


We have colours
Unlike the AiPods which are available only in white, the Powerbeats Pro come in four colours — ivory, moss, black and navy. 

No wireless charging
The Powerbeats Pro have no wireless charging option. Their charging case charges off a lightning connector. 

Work perfectly with Android
The Powerbeats Pro work perfectly with Android as well, although you will have to forego the “Hey, Siri” option. 

More expensive than the AirPods
We do not know when they will be available in markets. But at USD 249.95, they do not come cheap, especially when you consider that the AirPods 2 are available for USD 199 with a wireless charging case (and USD 159 with the standard case). 

Are those extra bucks worth it? We will let you know when we get our hands on them! 



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