Tiny Time Killer: Hang Line (iOS, Android)


Bored of the basic endless runners, slot and match, word making casual games? Or are you just missing the thrill of rescuing someone from the snowy mountains? Well, that may be a little too specific but if risky mountain climbing and rescuing people stuck up there is what you are looking for in a game, then we have just the right one for you.

Yodo1 Games recently released a game called Hang Line, a tiny time killer which will make you feel like the Spider-Man of the Alps. Why do we say that? Well, because just like Spider-Man throws webs around to swing from buildings and rescue people and fight crime, Hang Line requires similar action, only in a more icy setting. 

Unlike heavy-duty games that take up skills, learning (and often killings) to get ahead, this one is pretty simple in that regard. Hook, swing, rescue, repeat is basically what the game is all about. But it is not easy as it sounds either.

hangline4 hangline3

To begin with, a helicopter will take you to your place of action, from where you start the rescue operation. You can only throw a hook on patches where ice is available. Throwing a hook is as simple as tapping the place you want to go to. But you cannot just randomly throw your hook anywhere, and hope it would get stuck. Because you are throwing powerful hooks around and swinging around on a risky mountain, you have to be careful around the rocks, as you can hurt yourself while swinging through these areas.

And rescuing the stranded people on the mountain is not your only goal. You will not be done with your level unless you reach the top of the mountain. That is when the helicopter will come again and get you. 

At first, the game might seem like child’s play but you will not understand how difficult it can get as you move up levels. The mountain will throw different challenges in your way. You will find crumbly ice patches, angry goats that will try to push you away and unstable rocks. As you advance in the game, you will also get powers to get through difficult times, like shields, jet packs, fancy helicopters to take you to the peak, directions to the people that you have to rescue and the ability to hit those angry goats in the face.

hangline2The game also offers different routes to the mountain climb, keeping it interesting. We really like the graphics and the colours of the game. It might appear a little kiddish for the serious folks out there but it is a tiny time killer, that will keep you engaged without taking up too much space in your mind. Which is why it is here!

Oh yes, we did not tell you the best part: the game is free. You can download it for iPhones and iPads from the iTunes App Store here and for Android from here



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