Where Did I Park? Get Google Maps to Tell You!


Those who drive know what an absolute pain it can be to find a good parking spot.And what is even more difficult than finding a good parking spot is remembering where you actually parked your vehicle, when you are looking for it. Especially in a relatively unknown part of town, or heck, an unknown town altogether.

But instead of pressuring your brain into remembering a random spot on a street you have never been to before, you can just use an app that you are already using in all probability to navigate around.

Google Maps is a go to app when it comes to navigation for most of us, regardless of whether you use an iOS device or an Android one. But the app can do more than just help you navigate around. It can also help find your parking spot.  Just follow these simple steps and let the Google Maps do all the remembering for you.

Install and launch the Google Maps app
First things first, if you do not have the Google Maps app, you to the App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/google-maps-transit-food/id585027354?mt=8)  or Google Play  (https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/MAPS_AND_NAVIGATION) and download the app from the platform. The app is available for free on both platforms and does not take up a lot of space. Once you have downloaded the application, open it and sign into your Google account and you are good to go.

Tap on the blue dot
After launching the app you will have to allow the app to access your location. Once you are through with that and want to save where you have parked your vehicle, you need to tap on the blue dot on the app’s interface that shows your location. Assuming that is where you have parked. Else go to the location where you have parked.

Select “Set as parking location”
Tapping the on the blue location dot will bring forth a set of options on the screen. Select the “Save your parking” option on Android or “Set as parking location” on your iOS device. This will drop a pin with a “P” marking to indicate that you are parked there.

How to get to your parking spot:
Now that you have successfully pinned down your parking position on the Google Maps. You can easily get back to the spot by following these simple steps.

Tap on the “P” pin
Remember the “P” pin you dropped on the map when you parked your vehicle. Well, find it on the Google Maps’ app interface and tap on it.

Get directions and start
Tapping on the pin will get you a set of options on the screen. Select “Directions” and the application will highlight the way to your parked spot from your location in little blue dots. Select the “Start” option and the app will help you navigate to your parking spot, complete with voice assistance. You can also share the location of your parking with someone else by selecting the “Share” option on the menu which will send a link of your location to that person.

Remove the pin
Once you reach your parking position, you can select the “Clear” option from the menu on your screen to remove the pin from your map.

These are the basic steps through which you can save your parking spot on your Google Maps app on both iOS and Android device. But in addition to this the Android Google Maps app offers a few more handy options that can help you remember the exact place where you have parked your vehicle a little better. These options are not available on the iOS version of the app.

Add notes:
After dropping the pin at your parking position, you have to tap on the “More Info” icon on the screen. Swipe up and you will find a “Parking Notes” option in the list. You can easily tap on the blank space and type in the details of the place around your spot, like the pillar number or your parking spot number.

Put in time:
Because most parking spaces are paid, you can also note down the time you parked your vehicle at the spot by using the “Time Left” option under the notes option. This will tell you for how long exactly you have been parked in the space.

Take a photo:
If written details do not help you remember well, you can also take a picture of where you have parked and add it to the parking information on your device with the “Add Photos” option present just below the “Time Left” option. To take a picture tap on the small blue camera present near the icon or the “Add Photos” space. You can either take a picture then and there or can select the ones you have already taken and tag it with the your parking location. You can add multiple pictures in this option.

Traveller’s Tip:
Do remember that Google Maps’ accuracy depends on the state of GPS and network connectivity. So this option is unlikely to work in areas with poor connectivity, and in some cases, even in basements. That apart, it is absolutely wizard!

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