OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2: Budget Bluetooth Moves Up a Notch!


OnePlus might make headlines for its smartphones (read our take on the OnePlus 7 Pro here –, and how the OnePlus 7 compares with the OnePlus 6T here – but the brand has got other products up its tech sleeves as well. And perhaps the best known of these are the Bullet earphones, which went into wireless mode last year. At Rs 3,990, the first Bullets Wireless were stunning value for money. And when OnePlus announced their successors, the Bullets Wireless 2 with the OnePlus 7 pro and the OnePlus 7, interest in the device was extremely high. So what is new in the latest wireless earphones from OnePlus? Well, here’s a quick overview:

Subtle changes in design
If you were expecting a radical design overhaul of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, be ready to be disappointed. OnePlus has ditched the rubber “fins” that were on top of the first Bullets Wireless, but beyond that, these wireless earphones follow broadly the same design template. They are a pair of buds connected by a wire with a flexible “collar” (allowing it to bend), but this time the buds are made of steel rather than the plastic like material of last time. They still can be bunched together and fitted into a small case, but look subtly more stylish than their predecessors.  The buds are still magnetic and sticking them together still pauses music! On the flip side, they still have no IP rating, although we are assured they are sweat resistant.

Audio quality gets better
This is perhaps the biggest change being touted by OnePlus in these earphones. Evidently, the sound quality of the Bullets Wireless 2 is likely to be significantly superior to that of the first wireless buds. The reason for this is linked to hardware – each earphone comes with two Knowles Balanced Armature drivers and a 10 mm driver. That’s three drivers in each earphone. The first Bullets Wireless had come with just one. In simple English, that should translate into some very good quality sound, and certainly significantly better than the first set of earphones! That said, there is no active noise cancellation, although the buds claim to seal out external sounds to an extent.

Quick switching between devices
The first Bullets Wireless were great value for money but switching them from one device to another was a bit of a pain – we often had to end up pairing devices again and again. That is not the case with the Bullets Wireless 2. All you need to do is to press the power button twice and the earphones will switch to the device to which they were connected to previously. You can therefore switch smoothly between two devices without having to mess around with settings and the like. Now, that’s kind of convenient.

Battery boost
The Bullets Wireless 2 seem slightly heavier than their predecessors. But that is perhaps they pack in much more battery life. The first earphones in the range had offered around eight hours of battery life. These ones are promising close to fourteen hours, which is very impressive. And that’s not all that’s impressive about the battery.

And much faster charging too
Imagine being able to get 10 hours of listening time by charging earphones for just ten minutes? Well, the Bullets Wireless 2 are able to deliver that because they share the same Warp Speed charge that was seen in the OnePlus 7 Pro. And it can evidently even be fully charged in less than half an hour. Frankly, this is staggering.

But ouch, more expensive
All that audio and battery goodness, however, comes at a price. Unlike the first Bullets Wireless, which had seemed an utter steal at Rs 3,990, the Bullets Wireless 2 are a slightly more expensive proposition – well, make that  “significantly more expensive”- at Rs 5,990. And that puts them into the ring against devices from Jabra, SkullCandy and even within striking range of some Sennheiser devices. A lot is going to depend on just how well those drivers in those earbuds work.




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