Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Bluetooth 5.0 Devices


A decade ago, it was something insanely innovative. Today, Bluetooth and its wireless connectivity are an integral part of our lives. What, however, many of us do not know is that there are different versions of Bluetooth out there. Most of the devices you will see in the market will be running on Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.2.

However, if there is one version of Bluetooth you should be opting for, it is the latest one — Bluetooth 5. It was launched in late 2016, but has only now started getting popular among manufacturers (thanks mainly due to its being used in the iPhone X). Yes, it is better than the earlier versions, but are the improvements worth paying extra for? Especially now that devices with older Bluetooth versions are coming with lower price tags (although the prices of Bluetooth 5.0 devices are coming down too).

We at Kunzum would say “yes” and resoundingly so. And not just because it is newer technology, but because Bluetooth 5.0 comes with some very clear benefits for users:

First things first — Bluetooth 5.0 has a much greater range than Bluetooth 4.2. A device with Bluetooth 5 can connect from a range of almost 200 meters outdoors and 40 meters indoors. Contrast this with Bluetooth 4.2, which worked for 50 meters outdoors and 10 meters indoors.

Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as fast as Bluetooth 4.2. In tech terms, it has a speed of about 2 Mbps as compared to 1 Mbps on Bluetooth 4.2. In layperson teams, it simply means more data can be sent across a connection in less time. That means a much better connected experience, whether you are sharing an Internet connection or transferring data from one device to another. And this is not theoretical — you will notice the change in speed when using a Bluetooth 5.0 device.

Better Battery
This is huge. In spite of all that better connectivity and faster speeds, Bluetooth 5.0 actually is very power efficient. Which means that you need not be as worried as you used to be while leaving Bluetooth on. A Bluetooth 5.0 device will consume far less battery than its predecessors did, almost 2.5X less than earlier editions.

Better IoT support
This is the era when everyone is talking of the Internet of Things – in simple English, how different devices around you, from refrigerators to ovens to alarm clocks, can communicate with each other and also access the Internet. Smart devices, so to say. Well, Bluetooth 5 comes with better support for connecting to not just the usual array of devices like phones but also to other devices.

Better navigation
Yes, you read that right. Bluetooth 5 can also enable better indoor navigation, allowing you to find your way even when you are indoors in some areas, like malls and monuments. Of course, this would need supporting equipment (using Beacon technology) as well, but if you have a Bluetooth 5 device, the chances of your getting this facility, especially in international airports is very high. 

An important point to note is that to get the most out of Bluetooth 5.0, both devices should be running it. A Bluetooth 5 device while compatible with lower versions, will not bring all the benefits we have mentioned above, if it is working with a device with another version.



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