These Bluetooth Headphones are a Steal at Rs. 2,200

moto pulse1

When we think of Bluetooth headphones, a hefty price tag generally tags along, too. Yes, there are always those not so well known, more affordable brands that can offer you headphones at surprisingly low prices. But the audio or build quality of those is always a questionable factor. So it would seem that if you want a good pair of Bluetooth headphones (headphones, we stress, not earbuds), you should be ready to spend something in the vicinity of Rs 5,000.

Nope, you shouldn’t! 

What if we tell you that there is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that bring the most lucrative equation to the table: massive brand name + affordable price tag. We are not kidding and yes, you read it right. A pair of headphones that comes from the house of Motorola and is not going to burn a deep hole in your pocket. 

Launched back in 2017 in India at Rs. 3,499, Motorola Pulse Escape is definitely one of the most underrated audio products present in the market today. But if you think the price tag of Rs. 3,499 is still on the expensive side, then we have got some sweet news for you — the headphones have experienced a price cut and are now available for just Rs. 2,200 on Amazon. Sometimes, they dip even lower. 

But the price and the brand name are not the only two wow factors that the audio device brings along. The Moto Pulse Escape comes with some pretty decent features, too. The headphones sport foldable 40 mm drivers with noise isolation and claim to offer battery life of 6 hours on single charge. What’s more, they are very well designed, and while they might seem a little bulky, the padding around the earcups is very good and the build quality is solid (hey, it is Motorola!).

moto pulse2

To make your wire-free experience smartphone-free as well (to an extent), Motorola has provided volume controls, call receive/end and play/pause controls on one of the earcups itself. So, you will not have too reach out for your smartphone every time you get a call or want to change a song. And even if you run out of charge, you can easily plug in a wire into a 3.5 mm audio jack in any device and use the pair as wired headphones — cool? What’s more, the connecting wire is in the box as well. 

We all know that over-the-ear headphones can be a little bit of a pain to carry around, thanks to the bulky build of the audio phones. But thanks to the foldable feature of the Moto Pulse Escape, you can easily fit these headphones even into a small backpack. That said, we do wish Motorola had put some sort of case in the box as well.

The price of the device is an indication enough that the headphones do not bring active noise cancellation to the table, but thanks to the thick padding and the way the earcups fit and cover the user’s ears, the Pulse Escape offer great passive noise cancellation, which may not keep all the ambient noise out but definitely make the audio experience isolated enough to keep out the majority of surrounding sound.

Most importantly, the audio quality of the Pulse Escape is pretty good too. The sound produced is clear and loud enough. It can seem a bit one-dimensional and audio purists with love for treble and bass will turn up their nose at the Pulse Escape. But most people will be more than fine with it.

And for the price, we think these are one of the best Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones in the market today. If you are on a very tight budget, but want a pair of Bluetooth headphones, we would recommend saying Hello Moto to these!



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