Go Ahead, Post on Instagram from Your PC or Mac!

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It is THE social network for many photographers. But one of the problems with Instagram is that it is a social network designed for smartphones. Which means that you have to use it from a mobile device — a tablet or a smartphone — to be able to post images on it.

You cannot do so from your trusty computer. Which can, in turn, make it very difficult for those who take images on their DSLRs and point and shooters to share their work on Instagram. Imagine transferring images from a DSLR to a phone, viewing them on that relatively smaller display (as compared to a PC) and then posting them.

Well, there is a way around. A way to upload images to Instagram from your PC or Mac. And it involves no messing around with strange apps or extensions or codes.

It just needs a browser called Vivaldi.

Made by one of the creators of the famous Opera browser (which we discussed for its inbuilt VPN service, remember?), Vivaldi is a very innovative browser packed with a number of interesting features.


But our current favourite is the one that lets you post to Instagram from your PC — it is the only browser at the time of writing that lets you post to Instagram from your desktop! 

And this is how it is done:

First things first: go to https://vivaldi.com, and download the Vivaldi browser for your computer. It is available for both Mac and Windows. And it is free. No ads or anything. Relax.


2. All right, now launch the browser. Then go to View and choose “Show Panel.”

3. This will open a panel on the left-hand side of the browser, next to the main open tab. On the left-hand side of this panel will be a column of icons, with a “+” at the very base. Well, click on the “+.”

4. Clicking on the “+” will open a box titled “Add Web Panel” and an empty panel on top. Enter “www.Instagram.com” and click on the “+” next to it.

5. This will open Instagram just as it would on your phone in the panel. Go ahead and log in!


6. And Instagram will open up in the panel space just like it does on your phone. You can watch stories, see posts by those you follow and here’s the biggie — hit the big “+” at the bottom of the panel to add an image. Right from your computer.


7. Go ahead and click on the “+”, choose the filters you want (not all will be available but a fair number will), do the edits you want, add locations and tag people.

8. Thrown in a caption and all the hashtags you want.

9. Hit “share” when you are ready and voila, you are done. You have just posted to Instagram from your computer.

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The Instagram panel will stay open next to the main tab, and you can scroll, view and comment on images and stories if you wish, just as you would on your phone. If you want to remove it, simply go to View and choose Hide Panel.

That’s all it takes. Yes, some people will complain that you do not get to see as many editing options on the desktop as you do in the app on the phone, but hey, you are on a desktop — you have MUCH BETTER editing options there.

Insta PC-7

What’s more, you can actually view your images on a proper high resolution, full-screen display before sharing them. We have lost count of the number of blurry images we have uploaded on Instagram from our phone simply because the smaller display did not show the blur clearly.

Go right ahead then, up your Instagram game and start posting images from your PC! All it takes is one browser!

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