Tiny Time Killer: Four Letters


We have seen our share of games that try to keep you hooked with fancy graphics and non-stop action. But our favourites have always been those that manage to keep you riveted without doing anything too fancy (witness our love for The Spearman – http://kunzum.com/2019/27/tiny-time-killer-spearman-ios-android/) – games that can run on any phone without making any massive demand on the phone itself. And one of the best of these is Four Letters.

As its name indicates, the game is all about making words using four letters. These four letters are arranged in four boxes placed opposite each other. Your job is to make words using all these four letters by swiping across them. Every time you make a word using the letters, the letters get replaced by four new ones, and once again you have to swipe your way to a four letter word using them. And you continue doing so until you finally run out of time. The time, incidentally is indicated by a circle placed around the letters, and keeps diminishing according to the amount o time you take to make a word. The more time you take, the faster the circle vanishes, and when it vanishes completely, well, the total number of words you have made is your final score.

Sounds simple?

Well, it is. Amazingly so. And it is insanely addictive. Because the game is designed with simple brilliance. Swiping across letters happens smoothly and if you accidentally the sequence wrong, the letter which is out of place becomes “dead” and has to be revived by tapping it. And when it is all done, you can actually find out how much of the game’s dictionary you have covered with your word making prowess. There are some nifty additions as well. The game will tell you which is the word you made most quickly and which is the one you spent most time over. There is a social networking side too, so you can invite your friends to play the game and then sit down and compare scores. The graphics are sleek yet simple, the animations good and the sound effects minimal but entertaining enough. There are some neat add ons too such as speed bonuses.

Yes, we can hear some of the critics claiming that it is way too simple and at the end of the day, nothing more than a constant letter swiping exercise. Well, take it from us, it is much more than that. For, you will often find yourself confronted by multiple word options and as the game goes on, the letter combinations will become more different to spot. Of course, then there is the temptation to go and see the words you have made and also see how quickly you work out certain words. It may SOUND routine (or “read” routine) but once you start playing it, you will be hooked. Yes, there are more challenging and complex games (Scrabble, Words for Friends) but those take time and are elaborate. In terms of simplicity too, there are the likes of Hangman. But hey, if you just want to while away some time and love word games, Four Letters is as must download. There is no learning curve. Just you, four letters, and your knowledge of the language. No price tag even. And it works on both iOS and Android.

Download for:
IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/four-letters/id970892126?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pikpok.fl.play&hl=en_IN

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