Responsible Tourism: Interview With Shannon Stowell, CEO – Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

Even as rising tourism numbers please businesses and Governments globally, there was never as urgent a time as now for this sector to conduct itself responsibly. It is time for all stakeholders – Governments, regulators, travellers, media, trade bodies and the NGO sector – to collaborate so we preserve the health, beauty and heritage of this planet for the future.

AJAY JAIN interviewed Shannon Stowell, CEO – Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), recently to understand his views on Responsible Tourism and the role ATTA is playing on this front. Tune in to listen to Shannon’s replies to the following questions:

* What is your definition of Responsible Tourism?
* What are the three biggest challenges in Responsible Tourism?
* How do we communicate what Responsible Tourism is all about?
* How do consumers differentiate between ‘Responsible’ and ‘Not-So-Responsible’ travel companies? [Replace question about rating / good / bad]
* Can you share any success stories?
* How can we scale up these efforts?
* How can travellers, businesses and ATTA collaborate to make it a better world?
* Tell us about the bottle you are carrying!
* Your message to travellers…




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