Six Occasions When a Phone Camera Beats a DSLR


This is the era of cellphone camera photography. So much so that many people now claim that a cellphone is better for taking photographs than that old favourite, the DSLR. We are not going to get into that debate in detail but what cannot be denied is that in some circumstances, a smartphone simply is the better option to click a photograph or a video. Yes, even when compared to the mighty DSLR. Sounds difficult to believe (or digest)? Well then, just check the following scenarios:

When speed is of the essence
Need to take a snap at short notice? This is the zone when a phone camera is the best. Simply because it is the camera that is with you always, generally in your hand or in your pocket. It is simply the most convenient option to capture a moment – where it is an impulse food shot, something you just spot on a stroll or even a snap of a friend who wants to know how they are looking – simply because it is always there.

When simplicity matters
Yes, we know a DSLR will give you far more shooting options than a phone camera ever will. But sometimes all you need to do is to point and shoot and keep the fiddling with dials and settings to the bare minimum. And well when it comes to ease of use, there is simply no doubting that a smartphone camera is well ahead of any DSLR – yes, you can do complex things on a phone camera too and meddle with settings and all, but in most cases, the process is far easier than going through jargon laden menus on a DSLR device. If you want simplicity in photography, perhaps the DSLR is best avoided for a while at least.

When you want to edit quickly
Yes, we know that you can really do some heavy duty editing, play around with layers and RAW formats and the lot on a computer, but if all you want is some basic touch-ups or maybe even some intense filters, a phone beats a camera hands down. Yes, some DSLRs come with inbuilt effects and some editing options now, but using them on the camera itself is a pain, whereas editing an image on Instagram or Photoshop Express or Snapseed on the phone is a relatively easy task.

When you want to share your picture
A DSLR can take great snaps but sending them to another person or even just posting it to a social network can be a slightly complex process, as you will in most cases need to transfer the images to a computer or a phone and then upload or send them. Even though some cameras do let you post images to social networks directly, adding captions to them can be a pain and composing a mail or a post on a phone is very difficult.

When you want to take a selfie
Oh yes, we know some DSLRs and point and shooters are now coming with displays than be rotated to make taking selfies easier, but hey, ask anyone what is easier – snapping yourself using a bulky DSLR or simply pulling out a phone and stretching your arm and taking a selfie? The answer is a total no-brainer. Selfies are totally smartphone territory, notwithstanding all the efforts of DSLRs to facilitate them.

When you don’t have space
Travelling can often involve carrying a lot of stuff along with you. Now, do not get us wrong – we love our DSLRs and lenses, but it would be naive to say that they do not take up valuable packing space. What’s more, many DSLRs are sensitive and have to be packed carefully, and the same applies to their accessories, from lenses to chargers to tripods and the like. A cellphone, on the other hand, is something that is nothing extra – you just slip it into your pocket and carry it along. As you do every day. So when space is at a premium, just take your smartphone along. It will suffice in most cases – unless you are looking at really a very high class of photography, in which case a phone will never suffice anyway.



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