Six Amazing Apple Watch Tricks…And One Essential One!


It is pretty much the Lord and Master of all it surveys when it comes to smartwatches, but the Apple Watch comes with a number of tricks that many of its users are not aware of. And in best Apple tradition, some of them are incredibly simple and yet just as incredibly useful. So if you have an Apple Watch, we really think you should be familiar with these tricks:

Find your iPhone
If you have an Apple Watch, of course, you also have an iPhone (the Apple Watch only works with an iPhone, remember). And if you have an iPhone, of course, there is a chance that you will misplace it. If that happens and you cannot locate your iPhone, simply swipe up from the Apple Watch and tap on the logo of the vibrating phone. That will make your phone emit a ringing bell tone. Not enough? Keep the icon on the watch pressed and not only will your iPhone emit that sound but its flash will also start flashing. If you cannot find your phone after THAT, well…

Want to silence your watch? Cover it!
The Apple Watch is a quiet, classy customer, but it can get a little noisy too if you have sound on for notifications, alarms and the like. If you find the watchmaking too much sound, simply place your hand over it. It will silence it in seconds. In case this does not work, just go to the watch app on the iPhone and in “Sound and Haptics” choose “Cover to Mute.”

Check your watch…discreetly
Want to check your Apple Watch without it lighting up (say in a cinema hall or in a dark meeting hall). Simple. All you need to do is rotate its crown slowly and the display will grow brighter very gradually. Perfect for those surreptitious watch glances.

Change the colour of your watch’s flashlight
The flashlight feature of the Apple Watch is a handy one for those moments when you want just a little bit of light and do not want to pull out your phone. Well, you can even change the kind of light the torch on your Apple Watch emits. Just swipe up from the base of your Apple Watch, choose the torch function and when the light comes on, simply swipe to access the two other options – a flashing light and a reddish glow!

Use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock
It might come with all sorts of sleep monitoring sensors, but the Apple Watch is a slightly bulky device to wear to bed. And anyway, most of us like to put it on charge when we go to bed. But that does not mean its utility ends when you go to sleep. Indeed, you can simply change it into a regular alarm clock by just connecting it to its charging dock and then turning it on its side. The display will switch to landscape and will show the date, time and charging status. In case this does not work, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select “General” and then tap on “Nightstand Mode.”

Change the volume of Bluetooth headphones
When you play music on your iPhone, your Apple Watch also shows you what is playing on its display on the Now Playing screen. Now, what if you wish to change the volume of the Bluetooth headphones on which you are listening to your music from your iPhone? Well, you could fiddle around for volume controls on the phone itself, on the earphones or…just go to the Now Playing screen, and rotate the crown of your Apple Watch! Yes, THAT simple.

And the essential one: Force restarting your Apple Watch
It is not likely to happen, but on the rare occasion when your Apple Watch freezes or simply does not seem to be responding the way it should, you can simply force it to restart and hope it fixes matters (in most cases, it will). Force restarting the Apple Watch is easy – just hold down the crown and the button next to it together for about ten seconds. The Apple Watch will switch off and then restart – let the buttons go when the Apple logo appears on the display. Remember this one!



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