How to Share Any Wi-Fi Connection…Using the Portable Hotspot Option!


One of the biggest challenges a person can face while travelling is staying connected to the Internet. From personal to professional reasons, an Internet connection becomes even more so important when you are travelling, especially if you are travelling abroad. International data roaming rates being often very high, most people have to rely on public Wi-Fi connections (at cafes, airports, et al) while travelling. These, however, generally come with a catch – they allow only one device to get connected at a time, and give you access after asking for your phone number. Now imagine if you are working on an important presentation and running out of time, and need to be connected to your team on Skype on your phone and also download images for the presentation on your notebook, but only your phone or the notebook can access the Internet because of public wi-fi rules!

There are apps that let you get around this situation but they tend to be buggy and can often crash. You can also simply pay for a second Internet connection. Or well, you can use any Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10! The latest UI from Xiaomi has a new feature that allows you to share any Wi-Fi connection. And it is very simple too. All you have to do is follow these six very simple steps on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10:

Go to settings on your Xiaomi Phone
On your Xiaomi phone with MIUI 10,  swipe through the menu window and find the “Settings” application and launch it. The application comes pre-installed on the phone.

Connect to Wi-Fi
Once you open the Settings app, go to Wi-Fi option present on your screen, turn it on and select the Wi-Fi connection you would like to connect to. Follow the process to get a password – generally the phone number and OTP saga – and then connect!

Turn on Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot
After connecting your Xiaomi phone to Wi-Fi, go back to the Settings app and tap on the “Portable Hotspot” option this time. Taping on the icon will take you to a new screen with portable hotspot settings. Tap on the “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” toggle and turn it on. Yes, exactly like you do for creating a mobile hotspot using your mobile data! You can also add a password to it using the “Set Up Wi-Fi hotspot”  settings.

Turn on Wi-Fi on your other device
Now let’s bring the other device in the picture. Take your second device and turn on the Wi-Fi option on it.

Connect to  your Xiaomi phone
Once Wi-Fi options start appearing in your secondary device, find you Xiaomi phone’s name and connect to it by entering the password. You can also check the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot by looking at the Connected Devices option under “Portable hotspot.”

That’s all there is to it. You can browse the Internet to your heart’s content on both your devices using the same Wi-Fi connection. As we said, it is exactly like creating a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your device’s mobile data connection, only here instead of the mobile data, the hotspot is based on the Wi-Fi connection your device is connected to. And yes, this will work even if your device has a data enabled SIM in it! The speed of the Internet connection, however, could vary depending on the number of devices you connect to it (you can set limits if you want in the Connected Devices section), and of course, the Internet connection itself.

Traveller’s Tip: Using a device as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot can drain the battery very heavily, so we would suggest using a device with a large-ish battery to keep connectivity going for a while.



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