Which One (Plus) to Settle For: OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T?


Want the best phone that you can get for a budget in the range of Rs 35,000? Chances are you are going to have to choose between the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Well, for most people the answer would appear to be a no-brainer: why go for the OnePlus 6, when you have the newer OnePlus 6T around? It is not as simple as that, though, because for the first time since OnePlus went into T mode, the difference between the two devices is not exactly spectacular – they have similar processors and cameras, and you can get the same RAM and storage options too.

So which one should you opt for? Well, that depends. Let us dumb it down for you. Go for the OnePlus 6T if:

  1. You want a OnePlus to flaunt: Yes, both phones have roughly similar proportions and have glass fronts and backs, but the OnePlus 6T looks very different, thanks to the presence of the tiny drop-like notch and the under display fingerprint scanner. It has a cleaner look to it and if you get the Thunder Purple option, it will turn heads.
  2. You want better battery life: We know that the battery of the OnePlus always gets charged fast thanks to Dash Charge. But with the OnePlus 6 (and even the 5T), we ended up using Dash Charge all too frequently simply because the battery got drained rapidly indeed. That changes with the OnePlus 6T which boasts the largest battery seen on a OnePlus device – a 3700 mAh one, which will actually see off a day or normal use. Oh, and it still gets charged fast.
  3. You simply want a more “modern” device: The basic hardware in both phones is the same, but let’s face it, there is something much more future ready about the smaller notch, the Gorilla Glass Glass covered display and the under display fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6T, one which marks the device out from the competition. It is a much newer phone, and is likely to be just that bit more future proof.

But that does not rule out the OnePlus 6 altogether. It is still available in the market and honestly, remains a heck of a device. Go for it if:

  1. You are on a tight budget: Let’s talk bucks. The OnePlus 6 has broadly similar hardware (processor, camera) and it starts at Rs 34,999 for 6 GB/64 GB, while the OnePlus 6T starts at Rs 37,999, albeit for 6GB/ 128 GB. So if bucks are tight, go with the older OnePlus. You will not lose much.
  2. You use wired headphones: The OnePlus 6T brings a lot to the table, but it also leaves out a 3.5 mm audio jack. So if you use wired headphones (and most of us do – Bluetooth is not quite the rage people want it to be yet) and want the OnePlus experience, the 6 is your best option.
  3. You want colours: We are being shamelessly superficial here – at the time of writing, OnePlus 6 was available in Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White, Red and also had a special Avengers Edition. The 6T at the time of writing had Midnight Black, Mirror Black and the very eye-catching Thunder Purple. That’s five colours against three, and we personally think the White and Red OnePlus 6 variants are among the most outstanding devices in visual terms.

No matter which one (plus) you go for, however, you are assured a very high-quality device with a good full HD+ OLED display, a flagship level processor, lots of RAM, and really fast charging. Go ahead, pick your OnePlus!

Traveller’s Tip: The OnePlus 6T is more resilient than the OnePlus 6, thanks to the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on it. It is more likely to survive a fall or rough use. So if you are on one of those rough and ready trips, we suggest going for it.




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