Logitech K380: One Keyboard for Your Phone, Your Tablet and Even Your Computer!


We are living in the era of touchscreens, be it on phones or even notebooks (and of course, tablets). But for all the convenience that the touch world offers, one area where it can often tend to be a bit of a headache is good old typing. Yes, we have all sorts of innovative keyboard solutions ranging from predictive keyboards to swipe to type, but at the end of the day, nothing quite matches the experience of hammering away at “real” keys, especially if they make those satisfying clicking sounds every time you strike them.

And yet today, we need to write more than ever – be it on blogs, social networks, messaging apps, or e-mails. To do so without making typos is becoming a challenge in itself.

What if we were to tell you that there exists a very portable and yet spacious keyboard that will work with ALL your devices – Android, iOS and Windows? Smoothly and without your needing to enter the password every time you connect your phone, computer or tablet to it? And at Rs 2,850, it does not cost a bomb either.

We are talking of the Logitech K380.

It is a full-sized keyboard with function keys, special shortcuts and of course, spacious alphabet keys (lovely, round keys that click nicely when you type). It runs on a pair of AAA alkaline batteries which generally last to close to a year of normal usage and is compact and light enough (less than a foot long, and about 420 grammes)  to slip into a backpack. It pairs with your device easily over Bluetooth, so you can type away happily, whether it is on your phone, or your tablet, or even your notebook, because believe us, the K380’s keyboard feels much better than the ones on most laptops!

We did not tell you the best part.

The K380 lets you switch between as many as three devices by just hitting a button. There are three buttons on the top of the keyboard that can be mapped to a specific device. And hitting a particular key connects it to that device to which it is mapped. So say you are typing on your notebook, but suddenly need to respond to a long WhatsApp message on your phone – just hit the button which you have mapped to your phone and voila, the keyboard will switch from the notebook to your phone, without you having to enter any passwords. Want to go back to your notebook? Just hit the key mapped to the notebook and you will be switched right back. How amazingly cool is that?

The great thing about the Logitech K380 thus is that it not only adds a keyboard to all your devices, but also actually lets you use almost any device as a computer – we have typed blog entities out on an iPhone using it, simply because we have found typing so easy. So yes, we would go so far as to say that you can not only take it along to work with multiple devices but also take it and take just one device along, simply because it literally converts anything into a word processor. Add to that a very good design, great keys, excellent battery life and a compact form factor and we think that this is one accessory that everyone who travels and writes definitely needs. Incidentally, we do think that everyone who travels should write – but that is another story.

Traveller’s Tip: When having to choose between portable keyboards that can charge off AA or AAA batteries or need an electric outlet for charging, opt for the former – finding reliable power outlets can be a pain in some locations. And when you do find them, you would be better advised to use them for your phones or notebooks!




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