Koh Samui, Thailand – The All Girls Trip Continues

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Our all women trip to Thailand took us to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai. When you are out with only the girls, can it be anything but fun? Some of our highlights:

* We checked into the Samujana Villa Resorts, truly a destination in itself. Each villa enjoys a pristine ocean view with mountains in the background. And some are overlooking a beautiful pool as well. Every villa has its own manager and chef who will dish up anything you like for breakfast. There is a ready self service bar next to the pool stocked with cereals, fruits and beverages. 

* Paid a visit to the Big Buddha at the Wat Rattanakosin. We got there late evening and could not take photos but it was a serene time of the day to visit a holy site like this. We treated ourselves to chocolate banana waffles from a street cart vendor! Indulgence is deserved.

* Our next stop was the Chaweng Beach area. It’s well known for its many beach bars and exotic restaurants. After relaxing on the beach front with  beer each we all headed to our big dinner date at Gusto, an Italian fine diner. Our guide Nikki had made a reservation knowing how popular this place is. However being low season we arrived to an almost empty restaurant. But this also meant faster and better service for us. 

* After dinner, it was time for the night markets and a fire show at the Ark Bar at the Chaweng Beach. The Chaweng beach is also a must-visit for its vibrant markets and nightlife. Friday is the most happening day – so plan your itinerary accordingly.

* Next morning our guide recommended a visit to Lamai, known for its pristine beaches. This is a more laid back, relax all day kind of beach. There is a night market here on Sundays. 

* Since we were on a fam trip and needed to experience everything KohSamui is known for, we tried a bit of snorkelling too. However the best time for this activity is in February till April. In October, waters were muddy and not many fish were to be seen.

* If you want a bit of wellness, Koh Samui is known for its yoga retreats. Sign up for one.

Let the pictures do the rest of the talking!!

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