Kunzum Route 503: Niraamaya in Kovalam – Yoga and Wellness by a Private Beach

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Wake up in the morning to expansive views of the Arabian Sea from your window. Stretch yourself, walk down to a pristine, secluded beach and soak in the fresh air. The body and soul awake, join a yoga session to get a dose of energy. With Ayurveda treatments and healthy meals planned for the day. All at the luxurious Relais&Châteaux property.

That’s Niraamaya for you. Perched on a dramatic cliff-edge flanked by beaches you can treat as your private ones. Stay in traditional heritage teak-cottages that nestle in the shade of breezy coconut palms.With only 33 guest rooms and cottages, a sense of intimacy with a high degree of personalized services will truly pamper your senses.

Niraamaya is closer than you think – just a short drive from Thiruvananthapuram (formerly Trivandrum) airport, it is ideal for an extended weekend getaway. Book for three nights to include airport transfers, a luxury stay, all meals and local excursions; yoga and spa programs can be optionally included to suit your preferences. Land on a Thursday morning, and be home by Sunday evening – for a rejuvenated start to the following week.

Of course, you can book longer stays for leisure or Ayurveda treatments.

The much acclaimed Niraamaya spa offers international and traditional Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. Consultants work closely with guests to understand their needs and objectives, and then work with specialists to design programs to that end.

Whether you are on a full-board Ayurveda program or a short healing capsule, a personalised daily itinerary will encompass a complete program covering detox sessions, cleansing treatments, Yoga and meditation, Pranayama, use of herbal remedies along with massages and other holistic practices.

* Relax and Rejuve Program “Rasayana”
* “Slim Body” by Ayurveda
* Body Purification & Detoxification
* Anti Ageing Kayakalpa
* Ayurveda Stress and Strain Buster
* Bone and Joint Care
* Niraamaya Spa Essence of Wellness

Standard programs are structured in packages of 5, 7, 14 and 21 days but custom programs are possible.

Niraamaya need not boast about their meals – their guests do it for them. While the regular meals are memorable enough, you can literally order a designer experience. These include:

* Starry Starry Night: A candlelit seafood barbecue with live music – the sounds of waves adding to the score. The romantic dinner can be set on a beach, or a rock-face overlooking the sea. With clouds and stars playing hide and seek amidst clouds, the pampering is complete with a personal butler and the chef catering to you.

* Hungry Hearts: An intimate dinner in a soothing setting of a cliff-edge– lit up by candles on the table and the moon above. Sommeliers will advise on pairing fine wines to each course.

* From Here to Infinity: A poolside candlelit dinner of exotic Southeast Asian cuisine for a perfect end to a great day.

* Vibrantly Veggie: A classic vegetarian cross-continental spread that gets you on a lip-smacking high.At a location of your choosing – the beach, the cliff-edge or by the pool.

Tel: +91.9650702777 / +91.11.26564475 / +91.11.26564476
Email: wetravel@kunzum.com
Web: http://kunzum.com
Availability: Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (We travel on weekends)

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