Job Openings in Travel: Sales, Social Media, Operations


The following positions are up for your grabs – some are for Kunzum, others for friends of ours in the travel industry. All are small to midsize companies. If interested, please send your CVs with a covering note to

Most of these positions are full time based in Delhi / NCR, India. There is no deadline – recruitment will happen as and when there are a suitable fit. Age, experience, qualifications, gender no bar for good candidates. Remuneration as one deserves.

We are also looking for STAFF FROM OTHER COUNTRIES to create a diverse mix of team members.

* SALES (SPONSORSHIPS & EVENTS): To sell sponsorships for events. Must have qualities of a good salesperson. This includes being a good networker, effective communicator, command over the written and spoken language, an ability to grasp what is being sold so you can convey the same to client, be able to make proposals and presentations, understanding of numbers and a grasp of how advertising / PR / communication strategies work.

* SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you understand how communication strategies work? Can you create content for the same? Are you on top of platforms and technologies to spread the message? Can you make effective media lists? If yes, this job could be for you. [Having a Facebook account does not make you a social media expert.]

* TRAVEL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL: Can you research and curate trips for clients? Can you identify and negotiate with vendors for the same? Can you put together attractive itineraries? Can you market the same to customers? If yes, you could be the go-to person.




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