Cronuts With Hugh Jackman at Speedos Cafe – Sydney, Australia | People We Meet

Where do Hugh Jackman, Oprah, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have coffee when at the Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia? Speedos Cafe. Would you like to join them? Not easy – you will really need to park yourself there in the hope that they turn up; if you do so long enough, chances are you will be queuing up for cronuts with a celebrity.

Cronuts are a speciality of the cafe – they are half croissants, half doughnuts. The cafe is run by Suzie Dan, her husband Matthew and her sister Annie Karam; the sisters took over the business from their parents. Matthew is the magician with cronuts – whipping up dozens of different flavours that sell out in hours on busy summer days at the beach.

There is much more to the menu that is sumptuous to say the least. Tune in and meet Suzie in this video to know more about the business and the personal lives of those running it.

Click here to know more about the cafe.

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