Huawei P9: The Phone For the Traveller and the Shutterbug


I am not easily impressed with mobiles anymore with little to differentiate them. But there are times when one comes along that the traveller and photographer in me loves to own and use. Like the Huawei P9. Having spent close to a month with it now, here are some impressions that I must share with you:

* The camera – it’s different: The first thing that caught my attention were two lenses on the rear. And that too Leicas. What’s a pair doing there? It takes two to tango and shoot better photos – including under low light conditions. Now that’s a giant leap forward for mobile photography. My next book could well have photos only from the P9.

* Holding a work of art: Yes, the P9 may be one of the best devices to have rested in my palm. It’s sleek, smooth aircraft-grade aluminium-alloy body could give models a run for their money with its figure. It has been molded using a high speed metal stamping process and finished with a brushed metal effect for a smooth, textured look. It’s not just about form – the design enhances usability and ease of carrying on-the-go.

* Display: If you are using a mobile, you have to look into it. And what you see should look good. Technical specs describe the display as 1920 x 1080 pixel (423 PPI), 16.7 million color, Full HD IPS 5.2 inch display with improved color reproduction – and a 72.9 percent screen-to-body ratio. What does this mean to you and me? Images and fonts that look vivid and crisp – I can truly see what the camera captured.

* Battery: With technological advances, you would think high capacity batteries would now be the norm. Not yet. This is a feature I really need as a traveller – who has the time and opportunity to recharge on the go? This is where the P9’s 3000 mAh battery is very handy – it sure goes a long way (pun intended). You then have the Huawei ROG technology that actively decreases the screen resolution to save on power consumed. You can also analyze current power consumption problems, take optimization suggestions, and save more energy

* Music to my ears: Of late, I have become addicted to listening to music on my mobile – largely prompted by inane RJs on radio boring the hell out of me while I wait for an occasional song. Of course, the switch means I need powerful and immersive sound. The P9 manages that well for me with its integrated speaker box with smart power amplifier and bottom-speaker design.

* No more dropped calls? Well, that’s a wish we should not even hope will get fulfilled. But I did notice fewer call drops and better connectivity in weak signal areas with the P9. How? It has a virtual Triple antenna – you thus don’t need to worry about your hand position under different signal conditions. The system also automatically switches to the antenna with the best signal to prevent dropped calls.

* Look at the brain and the engine inside: Heavy duty users like me need all the horsepower possible. Look inside the P9 – it’s all-new Kirin 955 chipset with flagship FinFET Plus 16 nm chip technology offers lightning-fast performance compared with previous-generation 28 nm chipsets. I can share more jargon with you but let’s leave it at this – you will get fast processing speeds. Period.

Considering buying the P9? Want to test it first? Come on over.

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