Social Media / Digital Marketing for Travel Brands: 4 Module Masterclass – August 2016

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Is marketing your travel products and services a challenge? Are you able to get your message across to the desired target audience? Are budgets an issue?

If you can master the art and science of digital and social media marketing, cracking the code to success will be easy. Sign up for a course at the Kunzum School of Travel to learn it all.

The course is divided into 4 modules – you may sign up for one or more according to your convenience and need. Each module is described in later sections.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Public Relations 2.0 including Blog / Digital & Social Media Influencer PR
  3. Brand Publishing and Blogging
  4. Social Media Marketing(paid and organic)


* Travel Trade: Anyone engaged in marketing travel services and products. These can include management and employees of hotels, travel companies, airlines, cruises, tourism boards etc. as well as their communication agencies (advertising, marketing, public relations, digital marketing).
* Other attendees may include those who wish to make a switch to the travel trade, or those seeking clients from this sector.
* Students and those starting out in their careers looking at digital marketing as an option.

1. Content Marketing – Saturday, August 6, 2016
2. Public Relations 2.0 including Blog / Digital & Social Media Influencer PR – Sunday, August 7, 2016
3. Brand Publishing and Blogging – Saturday, August 20, 2016
4. Social Media Marketing (Paid and Organic) – Sunday, August 21, 2016

All sessions will be held from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Travel marketing needs good photographs – and even videos. The best people to shoot these are your own staff travelling to locations that you market. We strongly recommend you sign up for Kunzum’s travel photography and filmmaking courses if you find yourself lacking in these skills. Special rates are available when you sign up for marketing as well as photography / filmmaking courses. 

COST: Regular
* Single Module: Rs. 4,500
* All 4 Modules: Rs. 15,000

DISCOUNT OF 20% FOR THE FOLLOWING: For Students under 25 / Groups of 3 or more / Club Kunzum members / Friends of Kunzum / Kunzum Red Passport holders / Those attending Travel Photography or Filmmaking Courses

Service tax @15% will be extra. Cost does not include any meals.

Kunzum Travel Cafe, T-49 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
Tel: +91.9650702777 / +91.11.26513949

* A great learning environment
* A pictorial travel book by Ajay Jain
* A certificate for those attending all 4 modules
* Invitations in the future to talks, interactions and workshops

A notepad and pen

You can register by paying the requisite fee as follows:
* Cash
* Cheque favouring ‘Kunzum’
* Online:

Payments can be sent to:
Kunzum Travel Café
T-49, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016
Mobile: +91.9650 702 777 / +91.11.2651 3949
Timings: 11:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.; Mondays Closed

We can also get the payment collected if you stay / work at a convenient location in Delhi.

Blogger, Author, Photographer and Founder of Kunzum.
Conducts talks and workshops on social media and blog marketing at international and Indian trade events including PATA, ITB Berlin, ATOAI etc.


MODULE 1: Content Marketing
How do you stand out in the highly competitive travel space where margins are progressively getting squeezed? You tell a great story about what you have to offer. Because travellers look for great experiences. And this can only be conveyed through content – blog posts, brand publishing, videos, photos, social media posts and any other form you choose. If content hooks people in, sale of rooms and tickets is the easy part. The module will cover the following:

  1. What is content for travel companies?
  2. How content is disrupting the travel trade.
  3. Business opportunities arising with effective use of content
  4. How content evokes desire, envy and aspirations leading to purchase.
  5. Forms of content and platforms
  6. Social is the new family and friends.
  7. Being a part of the conversations
  8. Push Content: Blog, Video, Web, Social Media
  9. Team Content: Get editors, not marketing people
  10. Discoverability – Sell stuff people are not Googling for
  11. Costs, ROI and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  12. Crafting good stories

MODULE 2: Public Relations 2.0 including Blog / Digital & Social Media Influencer PR
Public Relations often outscores other forms of communication including advertising in the marketing mix. With the rise of new media at the expense of traditional media, companies have been adapting to pursue PR 2.0.

This is even more relevant to the travel trade that needs to work on market segmentation and send its message out to the relevant target audience. Digital PR is the way to go – it needs more smarts than money. The module will cover the following:

  1. Definition of PR 2.0
  2. Defining blogger and social media influencer
  3. How to identify the right influencer to engage with and building a database.
  4. Different ways to engage with influencers:
    1. FAM
      1. What is a FAM?
      2. How to create one for your influencer
      3. When do you schedule one: Off-seasons, events, shoulder season, peak season etc.
      4. Partnering with others to share costs
      5. Who pays for the FAM
      6. Dos and Don’ts
      7. Measuring success
      8. Use of content created
    2. Advertising
    3. Sponsored posts
      1. Ethics
      2. Disclosure
      3. Who writes the content
      4. Red alert: Is your influencer peddling anything that he / she is paid for?
    4. Contests
    5. Mailers to database
  5. Blogger Interaction / Conferences
    1. Are these similar to traditional press conferences?
    2. Do you mix traditional media and digital influencers?
    3. Formats
      1. Group trip
      2. Press conference
      3. Activity like a contest
  6. Press Release: How to craft one for your target influencers.
    1. Do you need a release?
    2. Is it different from traditional media release?
    3. Dos and Don’ts in release
  7. Frequency and timing of engagement
    1. How often should you engage in PR 2.0?
    2. Timing to ensure you get booking for season
  8. Defining expectations
    1. Number of posts on blog, social media and other channels
    2. Timing
    3. Tags / Mentions / Links / Hashtags
    4. Watermark / logos on photos and videos
  9. Leveraging Content
    1. Sharing
    2. Repurposing for own channels, magazines etc.
    3. Use in ads, brochures etc.
    4. Use as testimonials
  10. Face of brand – can be one or more:
    1. Owner
    2. Business heads
    3. Product managers
    4. General managers
  11. General tips
    1. Realistic returns: Resuls show over time
    2. Do you approve content before it goes up?
    3. Gifts

MODULE 3: Brand Publishing and Blogging
Blogs have been seen as an effective platform of communication and engagement for brands for over a decade now. Just blogs are no longer enough – brands are now evolving these into what is called Brand Publishing.

What is Brand Publishing? It is any media owned by a company that publishes content just like any other media would. But with their branding included subtly. The target audience gets authentic content they like while the brand enjoys the association with this. Leading to a powerful marketing tool. The module will cover:

  1. Definition of Brand Publishing
  2. Platforms and formats: Magazines (print / electronic), videos, books and guides, webzines, social media publishing, newsletters etc.
  3. Formulating a plan: Answering the Ws
  4. Creating engaging and relevant content
  5. Content creators
  6. Branding and packaging
  7. Distribution
  8. Blogging
    • Definition in age of New Media
    • Platforms
    • Skills / traits needed to be a good blogger
    • Crafting stories for blog
  9. Publishing schedules
  10. Linking to sales and marketing mix
  11. Costs and ROI

MODULE 4: Social Media Marketing (Paid and Organic)
Social are the new family and friends that one refers for inspiration, information and planning travel. And no brand can afford to ignore this media any more. But how do you navigate and leverage the complex and dynamically changing world of social media? This module will cover the following:

  1. Social media platforms
  2. Choosing suitable platforms
  3. Building audiences / followers
  4. Effective and relevant content
  5. Staying engaged
  6. Paid and Organic promotions
  7. Linking to sales and overall marketing mix




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