Huawei P9 – The Leica Dual Camera Smartphone: Shoot in Low Light

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With technological advances, most camera phones take impressive pictures in good light. So how does one differentiate between models to choose from? You turn the lights down. And take out the Huawei P9 to shoot with.

We shoot so often in low light – in bars, at home, at parties, during holidays, even outdoors – but are often left scratching our heads when we see blurry or grainy images. The P9 may leave you smiling in such situations, all credit to the following features:

* Two eyes, not one!!! Try looking at the world with one eye closed. What do you see? Now open both eyes. Isn’t the world suddenly brighter? That’s what the P9 has – two eyes, or lenses. To see better. In fact,the P9 has set new technological and artistic standards with two lenses; stay tuned as you see other brands follow their lead.

* Look into the eyes – it’s Leica: The two eyes are no less than Leicas – do optical standards get any better than that? That’s what we call perfect vision.

* Eyes wide open: The lenses have an aperture of f/2.2. That’s a very wide opening by any standards – allowing a lot of light in. Critical when shooting in low light.

* And then there are sensors behind the eyes: The eyes may see well, but not all sensors are equal. The P9 has increased light sensitivity enabling images to be captured and stored in low light conditions.

* Adjust settings, DSLR style: The hardware and auto modes are not always enough. You need to take matters into your own hands at time – like DSLR users do. What is that? You can adjust shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation to take good photos in available conditions.

* Program the eyes automatically: Can’t get your head around pro settings? Let’s play a little trick. Get into camera modes and select one depending on your subject. You could go for Light Painting (Tail Light Trails, Light Graffiti, Star Track), Super Night, HDR etc. And let the results surprise you – all by the flick of a command..

What are you planning? Party all night? With your P9 firing away?

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