Coolpad Mega 2.5D: A Thing of Beauty….


Beauty modes in camera phones do add flattering tones to our images, but what about the devices themselves? They are coming in all shapes, sizes and looks – and many seem cast from the same mould. But the Coolpad Mega 2.5D may deserve more than just a passing look.

The designers have really focused on its form factor. What did I like about it?

* It’s light: How much can 140 grams weigh you down? Not much. In fact, that is a weight you will not even notice in anything – except when it is your favourite rich dessert. For those on the move including travellers, this ‘weightlessness’ can really mean something.

* Time to walk the ramp? If the Mega 2.5D were a lady, it would wear size zero going by its slim figure. And if you feel its arc design, it snuggles into the contours of your palm. You will not want to let it go. Unless it is time for the phone to walk the ramp.

* You can abuse it, but you can’t break it: Just because the phone feels like a work of art does not mean it is delicate. It has a tough build – you don’t want to mess with it. Drop it, sit on it, abuse it – something travellers do to their devices often – but you may not be able to break it. Of course, it is not meant to be in the boxing ring with a heavyweight, but it can stand its ground against many other categories.

* Don’t miss the size – and the curves: The Mega, as the name suggests, sports a 5.5 inch screen with curved edges. Size gives it a presence in the room – and great viewing experience.

Planning to fall in love again? You know where to look. Register here.

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