Ola Select: Be a Privileged Customer from Day One


Many moons ago, airlines invented what we know as miles programs. What were these? Every time you flew on a carrier, or within a grouping like Star Alliance, they would give you points. The more you flew, the more miles you accumulated. These could be exchanged for privileges like free tickets and upgrades. Over time, these have proven to be one of the most successful customer loyalty programs across any industry.

But there is one problem with all such programs: You need to make many purchases to count for a special customer. This can take months, or even years. So how do you offer privileges to customers who promise to be loyal but expect to be treated special from day one? You charge a modest fee for the same – Amazon Prime is one such highly popular program in many countries. And now Ola cabs has their own version – called Ola Select. While it works for all category of customers, there are real sweeteners thrown in for travellers too.

What is Ola Select? You have a pride of place all along. This includes priority customer support, upgrades at no additional cost and free Wi-Fi in all cabs. One may argue that we all have 3G / 4G on our mobiles now, so the value of the last mentioned may not be significant. Maybe, but why not save yourself data? And if you are in another town, you may not be able to pick great signals on the network you get hooked to while the cab could well be on one that is rated high in the city.


You will also be picked up by the highest rated drivers available. This could be critical considering the unsettling feeling we get with some people in the times we live in; one can draw comfort being driven by those others have found trustworthy and reliable. Should there be a change of plans, cancellation fee will be waived. And guess what? No matter when I booked, I paid the regular fares – there were no surcharges or peak pricing. It does feel good to know how much you will be spending approximately in advance, and not be caught by surprise when fares go up with demand.

And here is something more: If you are flying, Ola Select members have free access to airport lounges around the country. You can access the current list here – I am sure this will only expand. This is a good one for me – how many of us fly business class or have one of those lounge access passes? Airports have become busy places now, and being in a lounge allows you to stretch a bit, grab a cuppa and get some work or reading done in relative quiet while you wait to board.

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What do you do when you hop off the cab? You could go shopping – and enjoying offers and discounts from Ola partner brands. And if you have seen Ola logos on certain events and matches, you could be having access to these too – Ola has the red carpet (at least figuratively) laid out for their Select customers.

Am I happy signing up? Of course. The fee is nominal, and it can more than pay for itself within one ride depending on the privileges you avail. Get more details here.

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