Clicking with Coolpad Mega 2.5D: Field of View Matters

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First there was the humble mobile phone. Then it came with a grainy camera. Someone added smarts to it and improved the camera. The next iteration saw a front facing camera – and initially people didn’t figure what that would do. A creative bloke took a selfie with it and voila…. self portrait and vanity became a new phenomenon, the digital way.

If you look at current trends, the front camera is becoming an important factor in purchase decisions. And brands are working to improving these by the day – and you are getting some real good snappers out there, like the Coolpad Mega 2.5DWhat is so special about it? Check these out:

* Phenomenal Field of View (FoV): Taking selfies but can’t fit all your friends in? You need a lens that is wide, very wide. An 83.6-degree FoV is quite a lot. To take in all your friends and more. The selfie stick may soon be on the way out.

* Aperture of f/2.2: This may not mean much to lay persons so let’s explain it in a non-geeky way. An aperture of f/2.2 means the lens has a big opening to let light in. This means bright pictures in low light and indoors. Lenses with similar apertures for DSLRs cost a bomb so you know you have got a deal.

* 8 MP: Don’t be overawed with cameras boasting high megapixel counts. 8 MP is a lot of dots – enough to give sharp, big sized prints too.

* Process quick with 3 GB RAM: Shooting videos or stills in quick succession? The memory sink, or RAM, of 3 GB can hold a lot. In other words, you can keep clicking without the phone going into a waiting mode while it writes on your memory cards.

* Look beautiful: The camera app has multiple beauty modes to make you look… what else but beautiful!! Be the rage on Facebook.

* The right screen for previews and edits: Most of us forget the value of a good screen to review our images and to edit them. It should show true colours and contrasts so we know what the images will look like when shared or printed. The Mega’s 5.5 inch screen with IPS 2.5D screen giving it a curved edge is just what the doctor ordered. And the size allows you to see all the details too.

Do you need to break the bank to lay your hands on this device? What about a price tag of Rs. 6,999? No typos here. Want one? Wait your turn. Register here.

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