Marriott Hotels Spoils You With the Convenience of Their Mobile App

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There is a Marriott Hotels check-in and then, there is every-other-hotel check-in.

Every journey is tiring, and the last thing you want is to ride on a road full of speed-breakers before you hit your room. After reaching your destination, somehow everything feels painful. This includes booking your pick-up, going through all the formalities at the hotel reception, and then coordinating your special needs in the room.

This is where Marriott Hotels spoiled me through their mobile app –during my recent stay at their Kochi Marriott Hotel in the southern Indian state of Kerala illustrates this aptly. For starters (pun intended), I punched in my booking reference to have an associate available for an instant chat within the app itself. I used this feature to not only book a comfortable car to take me from the airport to the hotel, but also have a seamless check-in upon reaching the hotel.

Narriott 2All I needed was to walk upto the reception, beating any queues, pick up my welcome kit and key and breeze through to the elevators for my room.

Once refreshed, I chose to use the app for all other arrangements during my stay. I booked a cab to take me around the city – but not before chatting with the concierge to make a list of attractions to visit. Not to miss out on local cuisines, the chef discussed and agreed to prepare a special vegetarian lunch to be served personally in my room; he did a very good job of it.


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I pushed the envelope on the pampering part – by booking a spa treatment after a day out toting cameras in the humidity of the city. All done through the app, lounging in my suite. Yes, I got an upgrade as a Gold member of the Marriott Reward program.

Those who know me also know how important my morning coffee and accompanying cakes are. To ensure there were no slip-ups, I got an associate to take my request – all recorded in the app’s chat functionality. Since I was in Kochi, I figured a meeting with local bloggers should be fun. The associate promptly took my request for a meeting room in the executive lounge with tea and cookies for all.

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