Honor 5c: When the Battery Makes Travel a Pleasure


When Murphy wrote his laws, he must have had travellers at the top of his mind. Even if mobile telephony did not exist in his time, he was bang on about things going wrong for them when they certainly should not. Like batteries in handsets.

If you travel, you can guess what I am going to be talking about. We travellers are power users of mobiles. We can never stop shooting, love sharing images on social media on-the-go, we browse the net and access apps for information and guidance and more. In other words, our mobiles are treated like workhorses. Implication: The juices drain out sooner than usual.

And this is where handsets with a long battery life are winning. Like the Honor 5c – it’s the one I have been travelling with in the recent past. It has added to the pleasure quotient of my travels. I have not had to worry about the battery dying on me during a full day’s shoot – credit goes to the 3000 mAh battery inside.

But there is more to getting the most out of the battery than sheer power rating. The phone uses a power-efficient chipset – it’s the 16 nm power-efficient Kirin 650 chipset with big. LITTLE architecture that decreases power consumption by 40 percent. It is these technological nuances that make the difference.

Some of these advantages would have been negated if higher capacity meant a bigger device to hold; the designers made a compact battery with 650 Wh/L energy density to give an appealing form factor – making it  convenient for me to handle and slip into my shirt pocket when not in use.

Of course, I do push the limits and end up with drained out batteries during the day. And time is a premium when travelling – I can only spend so much time charging before needing to move on. The power source manager chip in the Honor 5c supports the latest 9V / 2A speed charging function – giving the equivalent of hours of talk time after only a few minutes of being plugged in.

Mr. Murphy tries very hard to mess up my travels, but technology can come out winners at times.

Honor5c Photo



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