Taking Selfies – Responsibly and Safely


Only time will tell if selfies were an artistic and cultural phenomena, or just a passing (some say silly) fad. Whatever it is, someone needs to step in and raise a red flag. Why? People need to follow a code of responsibility and etiquette before things go out of hand. In a way they have started to – with people even losing their lives or causing hurt to other living beings.

The Coolpad Mega 2.5D is your latest selfie shooter in town, and this is what the brand advises all ‘photographers’:

* Do not fall over others: Self obsession often leads to selfie seekers to bump into others, or even trip over them. Don’t be an irritant – keep your body to yourself.

* Etiquettes: You are out for an enjoyable meal or coffee only to sense people in motion all around you. Who are they? You guessed right – other guests moving chairs, walking around or getting into picture-perfect positions. If their legs aren’t tripping you, then their extended arms are brushing you – or even spilling your drink. Why can’t they just sit idle? Not just in eateries, but in many other public places. If you must shoot yourself, do it when you are alone.

* Don’t kill birds and animals: If you search the net, you will come across people who have ended up causing deaths to animals and birds in pursuit of selfies with them. Some have been seen holding birds by the neck for a pic – only to suffocate it. What do such people think?

* Don’t kill yourself: This will not apply to you if you have already killed yourself taking a selfie – but scores of senseless people die every year taking selfies around the world. These include those who get electrocuted atop trains, shooting (with a camera phone) oneself while holding a gun (which went off since it was loaded and didn’t have safety on), or jumping 60 feet into water and trying to shoot oneself along the way – the list of ‘creative ideas’ can go on and on.

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* Keep the decibels down: This happens more with groups of people – they get so excited shooting themselves that they forget to keep decibels down in the excitement. And get all animated as well. Would you like to be around such groups? If not, would you create such a ruckus yourself?

Technology is great for us in so many different ways, but we should not forget it comes with a sense of responsibility. Like everything else. When you are shooting a selfie, make sure you capture a sensible person in the frame.

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