Honor 5c: Creating Stories With Its Pro Camera

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When you see stunning images shot by mobiles, do you wonder why you are not able to shoot such photos yourself? Here’s a little secret: Many of those images were not shot in the point-and-shoot mode. Those who know how to, get into manual settings before shooting. In the Honor 5c, it is called the Pro Photo Camera Mode.

What are pro features?
If you imagine a DSLR, it comes with all kinds of controls to shoot under varying conditions and to enable you to get a creative. The Honor 5c gives you the option to control the final image you are going to get. And you don’t need to be a photography expert to manage these – even amateurs can get a grip on it. On the Honor 5c, these are laid out in a way to make them very user friendly and without the need to go all over the place to get to the desired controls. Some of these features that could make a difference to your photos include:

* Shutter Speed: You can keep the lens open from 8 seconds to 1/4000th of a second. Why would you do that? Fast shutter speeds (like 1/2000 or 1/4000) can be used to freeze motion like racing cars or birds. Or you could use slow ones to either cause blur deliberately or under low light when you need shutter to stay open longer to allow more light in. If using slow speeds, you may need a mobile holder to mount on a tripod or gorilla pod for stability.

* Exposure Value (EV): When shooting in ambient light, we often face subjects that are either too dark (underexposed) or too bright (overexposed). What do you do? Move the EV settings to compensate for the same – in other words, you allow for more or less light in just with one setting. Try it – it’s fun.

* Manual / Auto Focus: We shoot in auto focus mode but may need to switch to manual in some cases. Why? For creative effects, or to ensure a particular point in the frame is at the sharpest, or in low light when auto focus is not working. There is a control for this too.

Screenshot ProMode

And then there is lots more…
The above mentioned are just some of the pro settings you can go for. As you browse around, you will discover the HDR mode that gives you a well balanced image when the subject has too many dark and bright areas – like landscapes where mountains are dark and skies are too bright. You can adjust ISO to make the sensor more sensitive to light – useful in low light conditions or if you deliberately want grainy effects. You can adjust white balance to suit shooting conditions like sunny, cloudy etc. Light Painting mode gives you manual control of the shutter for long exposure shots. You also have ten different beauty modes for those in the vanity zone!!

Creating travelogues with pro features
Do you enjoy creating and sharing your travel stories? Good images are a critical element as a part of those. If captured correctly, these can be good enough not just for social media and blogs, but for magazines and newspapers too.

The pro features outlined above enable you to capture landscapes, portraits, events, streets, markets, food and other subjects looking their best. No more dark streets in the evening, over-bright skies, people without clear facial features, waterfalls where droplets don’t stand out or food that looks bland – use the features available to you and see how your stories go viral.



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