Coolpad Max: Storage, Storage and More Storage


Even when we are not in connected zones, our mobile stays firmly in our grip when we are travelling. Why? We need it for shooting images. And to listen to music, or to play games, or to read books or to even watch shows and videos we have downloaded. A good device can do all that, but it needs to be able to hold all of this. That’s where you need ample memory.

I tested the Coolpad Max on a recent trip to Australia and was thankful for its 64 GB built-in memory with eMMC 5.1(TBC), 32GB Expandable Memory – it was hard to run out of space no matter how much I loaded it. In my case, I was also shooting photos and videos all day in the highest resolutions possible, and needed every gigabyte possible. It was not always possible to download the same onto my hard disks daily to free up space, but 64 GB went a long way (pun intended).

And then there is the 4 GB RAM. What does this mean? To put in layman terms, this is the working memory. The larger it is, the faster you can process information and even run multiple apps. This plays a crucial role in the device not hanging up. For my purpose, and for those of most travellers, 4 GB is a generous dollop of RAM. To keep your mobile from acting up just when you need it to shoot that decisive moment or to share a memory when having limited network or WiFi access.

Enjoy some of the pics I shot with the device in Australia.

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aus-sydney-300516- 085

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