Coolpad Max: Dividing Device Into Private and Public Spaces


People have started sitting in funny poses. Why? Because of our mobile devices. All kinds of stuff is popping up on our handsets, and we do not want those around us to see some of it. And thus we sit at angles so others cannot look into our screens.

Privacy is also an issue when you are travelling with friends. You shoot photos, and everyone wants to look into your screen to see how it was. Or you may want to lend your mobile to others to shoot you. Likewise, there can be ample instances when you wish others would not look into stuff that is either personal or confidential. Without a need to carry two handsets.

Enter the Dual Mode in the Coolpad Max. What does this do? Lots. For example, you can run two accounts of some of your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media applications. It also limits third party applications from accessing your information. If any virus infects your system, it will do so in only one of the spaces thus securing your data. All it takes is a fingerprint or password to move from one to the other.

The two spaces will work independent of each other, not knowing what is happening in the other. Additional encryption in the private space ensures no data leakage. In other words, it is like owning two handsets bundled into one.

Coolpad has given you the feature. How you can use it your advantage is limited only by your creativity.




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