CoolPad Max: Charge in a Jiffy on the Go


How often are you on the road only to see red on your battery icon of the mobile? Even as you go, “No, no…. please don’t die on me yet” you frantically start looking for a charging point and enough time to get the juices flowing.

Staying true to his reputation, Mr. Murphy strikes with his laws when you are travelling too. But if there is a problem, it has to be tackled. Let’s find the charging point first. Where are you likely to find one? At a café or restaurant where you take a break, or in your car if you have a USB port or a car charger, or a shop you are visiting. This is the smaller part of the problem.

Now comes the bigger one: Time. You cannot sit around for hours waiting for the device to charge. There are sights and sounds that will get missed, or the rest of the group simply won’t wait. That’s where technologies are moving ahead. Like in your Coolpad Max mobile.

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The brand has incorporated Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 in their phones. This technology decreases the amount of time you spend tethered to an outlet using a Quick Charge certified power adapter and any USB connector, including Type-C. You can refill the battery of Snapdragon processor enabled devices up to four times faster than with conventional charging.

How does it work? To put it technically from the official website: Quick Charge 3.0 employs Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV), an algorithm which allows your portable device to determine what power level to request at any point in time, enabling optimum power transfer while maximizing efficiency. It also supports wider voltage options, allowing a mobile device to dynamically adjust to the ideal voltage level supported by that specific device. Specifically, Quick Charge 3.0 offers a more granular range of voltages: 200mV increments, from 3.6V to 20V. That way your phone can target one of dozens of power levels.

I tested the device with the battery drained out. It gave me a 40 percent charge in 18 minutes, a 60 percent charges in 27 minutes and a full charge in 45 minutes. Giving me ample opportunity to shoot and share images till I found the next outlet.

Of course, with the 2800mAH Large Battery, you may not run of fuel for a long time anyway. Ask me. I am just back from Australia using my Coolpad all day shooting high resolution photos and videos and sharing on the go; the battery and Quick Charge were my best friends down under.

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