Coolpad Mega 2.5D: Travellers Will Like This Device


We travellers can be a difficult lot sometimes – we always want to pack in more even as we seek to reduce the burdens on our back. And so it is with technology. In an ideal world, we want one device to do it all for us – right from shooting high quality pictures to working as a computer. We are not there yet, but getting closer. In the meantime, consider the Mega 2.5D, the latest mobile device from Coolpad.

Why would travellers want to go for it? Here are some good reasons to:

* Dual sim: I don’t know why most of us travellers have a fetish for staying connected when on the move – this often means buying a local sim to save on roaming charges. Even when we go international, we like to keep our home sim active for incoming messages and missed calls. But two sims on two handsets can be a pain – so why not have both in one? That’s the Mega for you, with two slots for sims. Phew!!

* Memory: I am posting this piece on a Macbook Air with 4 GB RAM. The Mega 2.5D has 3 GB – with an additional 15 GB ROM. That must be packing quite a punch – if a heavy usage Mac needs 4 GB, what will 3 GB achieve on a small handset? That means very fast processing, efficient multitasking and no waiting between chores.

* A curved screen: What is the fun if you shoot good pictures but can’t see them clearly? The Mega has an innovative 5.5 inch screen with IPS 2.5D screen giving it a curved edge – for a flawless viewing experience of  movies, videos or pictures. It can also help to see images more clearly when outdoors.

* Selfie time: No matter what we look like to onlookers, we cannot help taking selfies in public places. While we are at it, we might as well look good – that’s where the 8MP front camera works like a charm.

* Travel light: The Coolpad Mega just slides into any pocket and sits beautifully in your hands – that’s what size 7.85 mm slim with an arc design does. That’s good news for overburdend travellers.

* Battery: Who has the time and opportunity to constantly charge devices on the go? The Coolpad Mega’s 2500 Mah battery delivers 8 hours of talktime or 150 hours of standby time. Happy?

* Play football with it: The device has been built to take the rough in its stride – who has not dropped and abused their devices when out there? Can you play football with it? Maybe!! Give it a try – I can bet the phone will handle it.

* Price: Rs. 6,999/- Yes, you read that correct. Woohoo!!! Want one? Queue up!! Register here.

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