Leica: Coming Soon in Your Mobile!!


Anyone who loves photography has a Leica on his wishlist. While only a few of us actually end up buying the camera, we can still have access to their superior craft of lens making. Like in an upcoming Huawei smartphone might just feature a Leica.

At a time when it is getting tough for consumers to choose between camera phones, a brand needs distinguishing features to stand apart from the crowd. Sporting Leica lenses can be one very good way to do it.

Why would someone go ga-ga over this? The legendary German brand does not need to present any credentials. But if they must, it is the go-to brand for capturing resolutions not possible with a lot of other glass in the market. They call their main feature airiness – unparalleled resolution and restoration capability. Photos look three-dimensional with the reproduced airiness, as if the air itself was captured in the image.

If you know your photography, you will know the importance of recording micro details in dark areas (shadows) of the frame without exposing the bright areas (highlights) coupled with richer and smoother color saturation. That’s Leica for you. Their low-contrast lens give photos more details in tonal value, and allow for quicker image focusing and processing.

And you will be delighted in low light situations. Its wide aperture means you can get magical results at night or indoors!!

Leica is credited for pioneering ‘snapshot’ photography, allowing photographers to conveniently capture thousands of moments and emotions as they happen in high quality. Leica initially started out in the business of inventing microscope lenses for scientific research, then known as Leitz after its founder, Ernst Leitz. By 1925 it had created the first widely used 35mm camera and was a storming success, changing the face of photography forever.

The name Leica is a combination of the first three letters of Ernst Leitz’s surname and the first two from the word camera: lei-ca. Master photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson famously remarked, “With a Leica camera you can do anything.” Queen Elizabeth was so fascinated by her Leica M that she once posed with it on a stamp.

The same that it does to me. If you are out travelling, you will face many different situations to shoot – portraits, landscapes, indoors, night, buildings, events etc. You cannot possibly carry a device for each situation – you need one that is versatile while ensuring great quality.

If Leica can’t do it for you, nothing else can. Yes, you will need to play with settings to get the desired results, but you will not be let down by the hardware. For example: If you want to shoot a live dance at fast shutter speer, the wide aperture will allow that. You want to shoot night bazaars, or poorly lit buildings or any other low light subject – you can with the Leica. And so on. The possibilities are endless.

Want to lay your hands on one? Stay tuned – Huawei and Leica will be presenting something you will love very soon.



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