Honor 5c: The Mobile Device for Travellers

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Most mobile devices can be said to be suited for travellers – but this community always has a few extra ‘demands’ for a gadget to make the cut for those on the go. The Honor 5c by Huawei may be one of them. Why? Here are some distinguishing features that may give it the honours (pun intended!!):

Booming Sound
Why do you need good amplifiers and speakers in a mobile? To play music on those long journeys, or while enjoying a dinner under the open skies in the middle of nowhere. But there is one more reason: We are increasingly shooting videos and need to play back the footage to see if sound levels are fine. And also when we are showing our videos to others. Most phones fail on this count – the audio is barely audible, especially when you are outdoors.

The Honor 5c comes with an integrated speaker box with bottom speaker design for greater clarity and more powerful audio. Here is something geeky about this: The smart power amplifier optimizes sound output in real time using a built-in DSP algorithm and Huawei’s super wide sound (SWS) technology to produce a rich, immersive audio experience with reduced noise and distortion. The new embedded audio codec silicon chip not only allows a marked improvement in music playback experience within the 1000 RMB range, but also gives such handsets the ability to use Hi Siri and similar functions.

Shoot images like a pro
What is the fun in travelling if you cannot capture images your friends will envy? A lot of phones sport good lenses and sensors with high resolution now but it takes just that little extra to add stunning to the description of pictures you capture. The Honor 5c’s pro camera functions (easily understood by amateurs too) allow you to adjust shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure. Then there are add-on features like focus mode, metering mode, 3×3 grid and helical curve give the photographer greater control. With the 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera offering an aperture of 2.0 with a 77 degrees wide angle lens, your creativity will be limited only by your imagination.

Add those special touches with the SmartImage 3.0 image processor and a variety of creative filters and shooting modes: Light Painting mode gives you manual control of the shutter for long exposure shots, Professional mode provides a range of DSLR-style camera settings, and Document adjustment automatically crops and straightens images of documents. You also have ten different beauty modes for those in the vanity zone!!

Dual antennas to find distant towers
Vast, picturesque landscapes mean a lower density of mobile towers. The Honor 5c has a dual antenna system to automatically switch to the antenna with the best signal to prevent dropped calls.


Give me the power
You cannot afford to have the battery drain out on you when on the road. What you need is a high capacity battery as well as one that recharges quickly. The 3000 mAh battery scores on both these counts – not only does it pack in a lot of power when fully charged but needs to be plugged in only for a few minutes to give hours of talktime. Additional features like Huawei’s ROG technology actively decreases the screen resolution to save on power consumed. It can also analyze current power consumption problems, provide optimization suggestions, and help save more energy.

Can the device take the rough and tumble of travel?
Along with ourselves, our gadgets suffer more than a few knocks too while travelling. The Honor 5c has been made to come through a trial of fire itself so it does not let the user down while on the road. Tests include the drop test of 1.5 m in addition to the standard 1 m and 1.2 m tests. In order to test the ability of the screen and interior components to withstand an impact, a 130 g/32 mm steel ball was dropped twice from a height of 23 cm. The phone was subjected to a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius at 85 percent humidity for 500 hours with the phone switched on for half the time. During the salt spray test, the phone was subjected to a fine mist made from a 5 percent sodium chloride solution at 35 degrees Celsius for 24 hours – standard practice was to do so for eight hours. It would take a durable device to come through all this.

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