Exploring the City with Honor 8 for a Month

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We all want to travel but can’t as much as we would like to. What does one do at such times? Explore your own city. Yes, I love exploring Delhi when I cannot travel out – and I had a great time with the Honor 8 over the past month.

What did I do? I celebrated. Yes, this is the time of the year when much of the country is in a festive mood. We have a series of festivals like Dussehra, Durga Puja, Karva Chauth and Diwali that just sends spirits soaring. And that is what I went around shooting and documenting with the Honor 8. The photos here say it all.

So what was it like using the device? For me, this is what made the shoots memorable:

When shooting these events, you need cameras that can shoot in special conditions. What are these? Subjects were in low light, in high contrast situations, moving very fast in some cases and more. As outlined in my earlier features on Honor 8, the device could handle all these – in auto mode, or in DSLR-style manual mode, or in semi-auto ones where I could choose modes like Good Food, HDR and Night Shot. I thus captured stage performances of Ramlila, street food, general lighting, Henna tattoo creators, bangle-sellers and more.

All of the situations described above are not easy to shoot in. Why? Festivals mean crowds. This means that one cannot spend too much time on shots without being jostled or run over. I had to be able to frame, change settings, focus and shoot in double quick time. The user-friendly interface of the software came in handy as I could move to desired settings quickly enough. And then there are the special hardware features to make shooting easier. A tap on the fingerprint sensor allowed me to take a photo. When capturing video clips, a double tap on the screen with two knuckles would start recording – the same action would stop and save it.

I tend to drop things – but anyone would if they were balancing multiple devices and tasks and a rucksack with water and other essentials. The Honor 8 looks in mint condition even after a month. How did it survive? It rested well in my palms, being neither too heavy nor too light, neither too big nor too small. It was also convenient to slip in and out of the side pocket of my cargo trousers – I could zip it close so the device would not fall out or get stolen. It did not strain the mini tripods and gorilla pods when I mounted the device on them for long exposure shots.

This is the other grouse I have against many gadgets, including some so-called expensive devices – they let me down when needed most. As if dictated by Murphy’s law. Not once did the device hang up, credit going to its 16 nanometer Kirin 950 chip and four gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM. And the battery lasted hours of continuous shooting – and sharing on social media – all thanks to the 3000mAh battery.

All of the above would be of little value if I did not get high quality images. I need images for my books and for wall prints too. This entails printing on art paper, archival paper or canvas – and file size of 12MP alone would not be good enough. The gadgets’ dual camera system, featuring one RGB and one monochrome sensor, and 1.25 µm pixel size allowed me to capture more light, improve picture quality to produce move vivid colors and crisper details suitable for printing.

So here’s wishing you Happy Dussehra, Happy Durga Puja and Happy Diwali. Gift yourself and your loved ones an Honor 8.

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