Honor 8: The Mobile Device for Travellers

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What is the best news at this time of the year? The new travel season has started – bringing many more attractions with it. While some places will be awash with autumn colours, others would be temperate after the harsh summers and heavy monsoons. The northern hemisphere will start cooling while it warms up as you move south. Forests would be alive with the sounds of birds and animals, even as road trips become a joy again. The options are unlimited – take your pick. And when you do, you want to be sure you have the right mobile device with you. The Honor 8 could well be your choice – with good reason.

When I am out travelling, I always wish for more hands – there are just so many things to hold and tasks to perform. I am sure most of us face the same situation. You can’t get more hands, but a fingerprint reader can make some tasks simpler.

Want to take a photo? Tap on the fingerprint sensor. Want to check notifications? Swipe down on the sensor to reveal the notification panel – and double-tap the sensor to clear all outstanding entries. Getting a call? Press and hold the sensor to answer it. You can even make payments with the fingerprint reader.

Of course, while fingerprint sensors may be common, the technology is important for efficient functionalities. Honor 8’s dual-function advanced fingerprint reader redefines what’s possible with instant phone unlock and 3D fingerprint scanning. Its level 4 fingerprint acquisition algorithm delivers enhanced security, and smart features that make it more accurate with use. All easy to set up by anyone.

There is stuff you can program to suit you. Go to Smart Assistance under Settings and then to Smart Key to program the press button on the fingerprint reader.You can activate your favorite apps or functions when you press, long press and double press to your.

You can even access text messages with one touch, or record quick audio notes with a double tap thus ensuring you document all your experiences on-the-go.

Want to continue keeping things simple and quick while on the move? Double tapping the screen with one knuckle captures a screenshot. To start recording a video, double tap the screen with two knuckles – and do the same to stop and save it.

If you don’t have a good camera on your mobile, you probably don’t want it – and certainly not in your travels. The Honor 8 captures images in upto 12MP size – but that alone doesn’t make for good photos. The magic lies in the dual camera system – featuring one RGB and one monochrome sensor, and 1.25 µm pixel size. It thus captures more light, increasing picture quality to produce move vivid colors and crisper details.

Get into the pro zone if you want images to look just as you visualized them to be. With Aperture mode, you can not only adjust depth of field but also adjust the focal point of a captured photo to blur the background and make your subject more prominent. Dig deeper and you can adjust the camera’s ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation and more – DSLR style.

If you have X-ray vision, you will notice the Honor 8 packs quite a punch under its sleek exterior. It is powered by a 16 nanometer Kirin 950 chip that reduces power consumption and enhances overall performance. With four gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM and external memory support up to 128GB, you can truly multitask and play games without the frustration of the device going into a hang mode. And the 3000mAh battery ensures you don’t have to fret for charging points when travelling on long stretches.

Booked your tickets and hotels? Packed your bags? Order the Honor 8 and you are all set to go.

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