Huawei P9 With Dual Leica Lens: Travel Pics Will Never Be the Same Again


What does an on-the-go photophile want? A good camera phone that helps him or her take great photos. Over time, there have been exponential advancements in this field but there is still lots left to be desired. Has the Huawei P9 managed to fill up many of the cracks? Do we finally have a device that makes shooting a delight and rewarding? I would think so – for the following reasons:

  1. The handling: We do not pay much attention to this but it is important that a gadget fits well in our hands. The P9 has a form factor that is light, handles well and thus allows for great stability when shooting handheld. You do not want to be distracted by a device that is clunky in the hands.
  1. The cameras – with a third eye: All smartphones have a front facing camera and a rear one. The P9 has thrown in a third on the rear. Why? Two lenses just mean more workers to capture that better photo for you. These team up to make a single image with greater SLR-style depth of field – you can add blurry and bokeh effects to suit your artistic sensibilities. One of the lenses works as a regular colour camera but the other shoots in monochrome to capture greater detail and depth. Are we going to see competition play catch-up to Huawei now?
  1. Let’s dim the lights: We all love to shoot in low light conditions and envy those who get good photos while we don’t. Worry no longer – the lenses have an aperture of f/2.2, allowing a lot of light in. And then there are sensors – the P9 has increased light sensitivity enabling images to be captured in low light with minimal noise and blur.
  1. Blow up your pictures: Not all photos are meant to stay in devices – you want to print some for the walls. With an 8 MP front camera and 12 MP rear cameras, you capture enough data to edit your images including cropping them and making large sized, sharp prints.


  1. Pro settings – get the camera to do your bidding: Want just that perfect image? Think pro – and get into the camera software to manage settings DSLR-style. You can adjust shutter speed, ISO, white balance and aperture. Compensate for exposure to get the right contrasts and light levels. A 3×3 grid and helical curve aid you in taking more professional and distinctive photos. You can even choose the Light Painting mode that gives you manual control of the shutter for long exposure shots – like star trails. You can’t blame the camera any more if you get bad photos!!
  1. The camera has a brain to shoot a scene best: Ok, you couldn’t be bothered or can’t get your head around settings for different scenes? Let the device decide for you. You can switch to one of the many Camera Modes depending on the situation. These include Light Painting (Taillight Trails, Light Graffiti, Silky Water, Star Track), Super Night, Pro Camera, Beauty, Beauty Video, Panorama, HDR, Watermark, Audio Note, Ultra Snapshot, Capture Smiles, Audio Control, Timer, Touch-to-Capture, Monochrome, Document Recognition, Virtual Aperture Photo and Film Mode.
  1. Browse around for more goodies: Explore your camera to find many more gems to make photography rewarding with the P9. The Leicas boast phase detection autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) for clarity in every shot. The anti-reflective, oleophobic and infrared-absorbing lens coating reduces glare, prevents fingerprints, and stops unwanted IR light from reaching the sensor. In action packed situations, you have rapid capture and preview speeds. The Leicas have a focal length of 27 mm ensuring you capture all that you can see. The front camera with has a aperture of 2.0 and a field of view of 77 degrees – that also means you can get all your friends and family into the selfie frame with stunning images even under low light.

What more do you need? Are you rushing to pick up a P9?

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