Mongolia: Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure – July & August 2016


The Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure is a trip where guests travel by horse, climbing mountain passes, crossing rivers and entering the Khentii wilderness, making their way to Hagiin Har Nuur (Lake of Black Lichen). This is a beautiful remote wilderness lake where we meet up with park rangers and spend a couple of days doing much-needed conservation work, which our guests participate in to help in improving the environment. Our horse riding trips are true expeditions, with a great deal put into the logistics of moving equipment, pack horses and people each day from camp to camp. All of our travel is undertaken to the highest environmental degree possible, where we take only photos and leave only hoof prints.


* Destinations: Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, Hagiin Har Nuur (Lake of Black Lichen)

* Dates: July 31 – August 13, 2016

* Duration: 14 days

* Web:

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* Tel: +976 9592 1167





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