ASUS ZenFone3: Great Shooter, and Ideal for Travellers

Manual Mode: Long Exposure
Manual Mode: Long Exposure – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3

Sometimes, a work of art just walks into your life. And when it is going to be your companion during your travels, and help you create visual art, you know you are holding something to be cherished. That’s the ASUS Zenfone 3 for you.

The device is a good looker no doubt, but I give few points for beauty that is skin deep – I dived deeper to find hardware and software worthy of a strong recommendation. I am a traveller – here are good reasons why I would use this device on the go and so should you.

If you are going to carry it, you might as well make heads turn. The first thing I noticed were its slim, straight line architecture with rounded corners – and the tough Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covering its front and back panels. The sand-blasted, rounded aluminium frame accentuates its looks – all of these add up to what you would call the showstopper on the ramp.

The form factor is not just for others to make catcalls at – it ensures the phone rests well in my hands no matter what I am doing with it. This becomes all the more crucial when you are holding it for long periods of time while travelling – shooting, sharing on social media, making calls etc. You don’t want to be dropping the phone, do you?

Travellers are used to the changing hues of the universe as they move and with the passage of time. The ZenFone 3 resonates with this emotion, allowing customers to choose a colour that they best identify with. Choose from:
* Sapphire Black – the deep bluish-black of the darkest sapphires
* Aqua Blue shimmers like the light blue surface of a clear, shallow sea
* Moonlight White exudes the glow of bright moonlight
* Shimmer Gold named after the warm reflection of a sunset off a lake

The ZenFone 3 is one of the best shooters in the business – this is of highest importance because travel memories do not repeat and none of us would want to make a mess of it with a poor camera. The device’s engineers have created what they call the ASUS PixelMaster 3.0 – some of the features of this system include:

* Sony’s latest 16-megapixel Exmor RS IMX298 sensor enables the ZenFone 3 to either zoom in clearly, or create more detailed full-resolution photos. This high resolution also means you can make large sized prints for your walls, or crop images in post-processing with minimal loss of details.

* Color Correction Sensor: All cameras take good photos in ideal light conditions – but this is mostly not the case in the field. Inaccurate colours can result in overly strong warm (yellowish) or cool (bluish) or mixed lighting environments. The ZenFone 3’s colour correction sensor uses it intelligence to gauge the environment and produce desired results.

* 0.03 Second “TriTech” Autofocus: Blink and you miss a moving object because your camera could not focus fast enough, or could not keep the focus locked while following the subject. The ZenFone 3 comes with a triple technology autofocus system that combines an advanced second generation laser phase detection and conventional contrast detection for continuous focus – for extremely rapid 0.03 second autofocus in any environment. Addresses a major pain point for you?

* 4-axis Photo Optical Image Stabilization(OIS): Shooting handheld with slow shutter speeds? Getting blurs? The ZenFone 3’s OIS comes to your rescue. The system detects hand movements along four axes: (1) Up and down shifting (Y-axis), (2) Left to right shifting (X-axis) (3) Pitch (up-down pivoting), and (4) Yaw (left-right

pivoting) – and instantaneously moves the sensor in the exact magnitude and direction of the movements detected. This can often mean the difference between a blurry and a sharp image.

* 3-axis Video Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS) means even handheld videos come without a shake.

* 4K Video Recording: I was surprised to find true 4K video recording on such a device – matching the resolution of the highest resolution TVs currently in the market and also allowing for screening through projectors with utmost clarity.


* HDR Pro Mode: How often do you get underexposed or overexposed parts in your images? That’s where you use the HDR mode – where the sensors lower the brightness of extra bright areas in the subject and do the opposite to poorly lit parts. To give you a well balanced image.

* Manual Settings, DSLR style: So you want to interpret and capture a scene your way? Go manual. The ZenFone 3 allows professional creative settings including custom white balance, Exposure Value (EV), ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and focus.

Keep exploring, and you will see many more modes in your handset to give you the images you want. The many modes include Low Light, GIF Animation,Time Rewind, All Smiles, Miniature, Depth of Field, 32 Seconds Slow Shutter, Panorama and more. You could be rooted to one spot and present it in so many ways considering the shooting options.

What is travel without a bit of music? But it’s a pain to carry even portable speakers along – no need with the ZenFone 3 with its SonicMaster technology featuring a new NXP “Smart Amp” and Hi-Res Audio support. Play your favourite songs at maximum volume to still get clear, loud, distortion free sound with a rich bass to boot.

Travellers know how painful it can be to charge phones – the problem is compounded because this is when we use the device the most shooting and being on social media. The high power efficiency of the ZenFone 3’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor coupled with its high 3000mAh battery capacity ensures the phone does not die on you in a hurry. You get upto 517 hours of standby time and 18 hours of browsing just as an illustration of this feature.

Set to travel? Packed your ASUS ZenFone3?

Manual Mode: Long Exposure - Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
Manual Mode: Long Exposure – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
HDR: 1/14 Sec (Exposure Time) - Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
HDR: 1/14 Sec (Exposure Time) – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
HDR Mode - Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
HDR Mode – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
Manual Mode: Long Exposure - Taken by ASUS ZenFone3 In Picture: Mussoorie City from Hilltop
Manual Mode: Long Exposure – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
In Picture: Mussoorie City from Hilltop
Manual Mode: Long Exposure - Taken by ASUS ZenFone3 In Picture: Mussoorie City from Hilltop
Manual Mode: Long Exposure – Taken by ASUS ZenFone3
In Picture: Mussoorie City from Hilltop




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