The Joy of First Class Train Travel in UK: 10 Reasons

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I love travelling by train in Europe including in the UK. The trains are usually comfortable no matter the class – but I discovered the joys of first class during my recent trip to the UK. I am spoiled – I might not be able to travel any other way now.

Are you looking for good reasons to travel luxury too? Here are some:

1. The seats – so plush and comfortable: In most cases, you will get wider, cushier seats with additional leg room. It can make a big difference to the fatigue factor, especially on longer legs.

2. Check out the upholstery: Public transport companies never feel rich but it seems they spend on doing up first class seats when they find a spare penny.

3. Never jostling with the crowd: It would be a rare day when first class is overcrowded. Enjoy a crowd-free day.

4. You may not need to reserve a seat in advance: If you are holding a pass or an open ticket, it may be advisable to block a seat when travelling by train. Especially when the train is expected to be crowded. But not necessarily in first class. Till this post is not read by too many people, a majority will continue booking second class leaving ample empty seats in first.

5. The quiet!! Why do people tend to keep their decibels low when travelling upper class in trains and planes? Good for fellow passengers – enjoy the peace while it lasts. Do infants of the rich cry any lesser than those of ordinary mortals? Not figured this out yet.

6. The price difference is not that high: Plan your trips in advance, and you could upgrade at a nominal cost. It will not pinch you.

7. Beverages and snacks on the house: Some sectors served me complimentary tea, coffee, water, cold beverages, cakes, crisps and other snacks. Saved me trips to the pantry car and a few quids too. The table service made me feel good too.

8. Newspapers and magazines: Choose from a selection of leading newspapers and magazines to flip through during your journey.

9. It’s cleaner: There is a perceptible difference in general cleanliness and hygiene between the two classes. Even the washrooms closest to first class seem less intimidating as they are used by fewer people.

10. Free Wi-Fi: Trains in the UK are increasingly offering Wi-Fi to passengers across all classes. First class passangers usually get it for free, while others may need to pay. Stay connected.

Are you upgrading your next train journey?

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Follow my train journey in the summer of 2015 across the UK at #AJinUK. The trip was sponsored by VisitBritain but they did not influence any editorial.



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