10 Days in UK: Day 0 – Landing in London

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Planning to visit the UK soon, and looking for an itinerary? You can get a million permutations, and then some more. Check out mine from August 2015 – I researched it a bit in advance, but allowed room for surprises. I came back a happy traveller – am sure you will too. This series of posts on ’10 Days in UK’ gives an overview of attractions visited by me – will cover some of these in more detail separately.

Where did I go?
Glasgow, Newcastle, Lake District, Liverpool, the Cotswolds, London

Travel dates?
August 14 – 23, 2015

Day 0
Landed in London in the evening, preferred to spend night there for a fresh start the following morning. Took the Heathrow Express train from the airport to London Paddington – and checked into Park Grand London Paddington. Did not sleep too well despite travelling business class (got an upgrade!).

What happened on the following days? Stay tuned!!

Follow my train journey in the summer of 2015 across the UK at #AJinUK. The trip was sponsored by VisitBritain but they did not influence any editorial.



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