Travel Blogging: Have Travel Blog – Will Not (Necessarily) Travel the World for Free

Tea Estates in Mon District, Nagaland, India
Tea Estates in Mon District, Nagaland, India

So you want to travel the world. For free. Or even get paid to do so. Who doesn’t want such a dream life?

How do you intend doing that? What’s that? Did I hear you can as a travel blogger? Sure, that’s one way to. Ask me, I am a travel blogger.

Am I living the dream? Yes, I am. But do I travel for free? Do I get paid to travel? Sometimes. Only sometimes. As is the case of hundreds and thousands of travel bloggers around the world.

Let’s do a reality check. Just by creating a blog tonight does not mean you will be travelling the world tomorrow with someone else footing the bill. Reaching a stage where your travels are partially or fully sponsored is a long journey (pun intended). There is no blogger on this planet who has achieved 100 percent paid travel Nirvana. You are not getting there in a hurry.

It is hard work, and you need to persevere. It entails churning out high quality write-ups, photos and videos – and building a good following. You also need to be good at public relations to be noticed by the right people (read sponsors). The idea is not to discourage you – there is always room for one more travel blogger as long as your content is appealing. Ten people could be looking at a sunset, and each could offer his or her own perspective and description. All can have an audience too – that is what is so wonderful about travel.

Start. Treat it as being on an adventure. You may need to dip into your savings for a while, or hold a day job to support you. As long as you do a few things right, you will achieve your goals.

Travel blogging is a great occupation, and a beautiful way to live your life. Happy travels.

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