LG G4: A Great Shooter, Good to Hold


If I am going to use a phone as a camera, the form factor becomes important to me. I should be able to handle it well to avoid mistakes. The LG G4 makes a good start here with its leather back cover – ensuring my butter fingers don’t allow yet another mobile to slip and fall. Add to it the slim arc design of the phone, my hands like what they hold.

Of course, if I am picking a premium device like the G4, I am paying mostly for its camera features – as a professional photographer, this is what I would rather spend my money on. The model boasts other strong features, but I will focus (pun intended) on its imaging capabilities.

At first, I could not find too many settings to fiddle with to get best results. But delving further, I found enough to begin liking the phone. Let’s go through some of these:

Give me a big aperture anytime
I am a fan of wide apertures; the G4 opens up to 1.8 and this is what every lens in the world should do; of course, this means the price goes up so very often we have to settle for a f2.8 or f4. If you like to shoot portraits and night scenes, this is the aperture you want.

01_F1.8 Lens With 16MP

16 Megapixels
That’s a lot of dots; more than enough for large sized prints too. Anyway, I think we should all stop fussing over Megapixels now. Except professionals doing super high end work, most cameras in the world come up with more pixels than you would need. A 16MP on the G4 is a good serving size.

Go Manual
If you want to test your creativity and technical knowledge, shoot in the manual mode. The G4 will allow you to adjust shutter speed, exposure, white balance, ISO and other settings. You can choose to shoot in RAW or JPEG, and even focus manually to create dreamy effects. Including capturing trails in the starry skies.


Selfie Fun
I will confess I am not a selfie fan, but that does not mean I should grudge you having your fun. The G4’s gesture features were new to me – see the image to know what you can do. What’s next? The camera clicks when you wink?

06_8MP Front Camera

Big Display
If you are shooting pictures, you want to be able to see all the colours, contrasts and other details. The 5.5” screen display does not disappoint!!

Detailed Camera Specs
* Camera Type: 16MP F1.8 OIS2.0 Multi AF with Laser Auto Focus & Color Spectrum Analizer
* Flash: Off, On, Auto
* Front Camera: Yes,8 MP
* Color Spectrum Analyzer: Yes
* Mode: Simple Mode, Auto Mode, Manual Mode
* Manual Mode Setting: White Balance, Manual focus, Exposer, ISO, Shutter Speed, AE-L
* Aperture: Rear F1.8, Front F2.0
* Image Format: RAW & JPG
* Camera Mode: Dual, Auto
* Focus: Multi AF (9)
* Protection: Sapphire Crystal Glass
* Image Ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 1:1
* Quick Snap: Yes (While Video recording)
* Other: Grid Lines, Timer, Cheese Shot, HDR+
* Video Size: UHD (3840×2160), Full HD(1920×1080), HD(1280×720), 120HD Slow Motion
* Zoom: 8X

Verdict: I always need to carry a handy camera to shoot when opportunity knocks; the LG G4 could well be what you see me sporting around.


Hauz Khas Monument in New Delhi – Shot with a LG G4



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