Taking the Sony Xperia Z3 along? Leave your other gadgets behind!


Yes, you read that right. I have been using the Xperia Z3 for a while now, and well, I feel that if one is going out for a short trip, you can actually just pick up the phone and leave most of our other gadgets behind. I mean, who wants to carry all that clutter, right – the boxes, the chargers, the memory cards, et al – on every trip? I actually have been out of the city for a couple of days and on advice of our resident geek, just took the Xperia Z3 along, leaving behind my DSLR, my tablet, my notebook, my ebook reader (I am an author, I need my books!) and portable media player. I even left behind my portable charger behind. And know something? I survived. With a degree of ease.

Here’s how the Z3 slipped into various roles:

Right, this was the one device that I was most nervous about leaving behind, but after two days of steering clear of it, I have discovered that the large full HD display of the Xperia Z3 is very good for typing mails and browsing the Web. I even downloaded Photoshop Express for a spot of on the move editing. No, I would not recommend using it for writing looong articles but yes, if all you plan to write is short stories (about 300-450 words), I would say this works just fine – I used Google Drive for most of my writing. A word of caution, though – editing text requires a good deal of scrolling, so edit copy only if you have the patience to do it.

I had written earlier about how good the camera of the Xperia Z3 with its extra wide lens and better low light handling muscle. Well, if you are just going on a trip to take casual pictures and are not looking to do anything from a distance, the Z3’s camera is surprisingly good. I had talked about the apps and modes that come bundled with it before. And well, let me just add that the 12500 ISO count means that you do not have to depend on the flash for low light shots, and that close ups and normal distance shots come out quite brilliantly. This is a very good shooter in its own right and yes, you can afford to leave your hefty camera behind when all you want is normal range shots and close ups.

No notebook, no tablet – so what did I do when I wanted to view something on a larger display? Well, I actually did not miss a larger display much. The 5.2 inch full HD display on the Z3 is, when you come to think of it, more than adequate for browsing most websites, and well, I actually found viewing videos on it (good old YouTube) a very good experience – not least because I could hold the device with one hand.

E-book reader
So I left my Kindle behind and have always been sceptical about reading on a really small display. Well, after using the Z3, I feel that one can read on it quite comfortably. No, it does not replace the Kindle which is actually designed to feel more like a book, but on the flip side, the colour display means I can read graphic novels and photography titles in all their colourful glory and not be restricted to greyscale. The high pixel density of the device means fonts are crisp and clear and although I would recommend turning down the brightness a bit (auto mode makes it very bright indeed), reading a book on the Xperia Z3 is very very doable.

Music player
No iPod classic for this trip. Just a 64 GB card packed with the music I like. And the Xperia Z3 did not halg deliver in terms of sound quality. Whether attached to my in car audio system or through headphones (and the ones that come with the phone are excellent), I got some fantastic sound. Music lovers are going to be stunned at just how good the sound quality on this device is. Mind you, a bit more volume on the loudspeakers would have helped, although that is just me asking for more!

Portable charger
“Two day battery” is the claim on the Xperia Z3. And well, it comes very close to that, even when I used it pretty heavily (it was subbing for my real camera and tablet, remember?). I was able to get about a day and a quarter of very heavy usage from it on a single charge, which is very impressive considering the “one charge a day” cycle that most other large screen display devices make us follow. Yes, you can definitely consider leaving your portable charger behind when you have this phone – you won’t be needing it.

So that’s pretty much how the Xperia Z3 allowed me to leave SIX devices behind and took a good 4-5 kilogrammes of weight off my back (handy, when you are travelling by air). Yes, there are a fair bit of terms and conditions involved in the whole process, but honestly, if all you are going for is a short 2-3 day trip and do not have any extensive writing or very intense zoom photography to do, you can actually see the time through with just one device. Oh, and this is when I am not a gamer – the Z3 is very good at handling games too.



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