HOTEL REVIEW: Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield - View from the Upper Floors
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – View from the Upper Floors

How often does a business hotel create a lasting impression on the leisure traveller? Rarely. The Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield is clearly an exception.

I did a #mobilecheckin effortlessly in my cab through their new App (more on the App later – download at to be ushered straight into my room without even needing to sign in at any desk. It was much welcome as I was a little motion sick after an early morning flight and rush hour traffic. The room that awaited was just what the doctor ordered.

The King bed was very comfortable, with my feet at the lower end of my tall frame not fearing they will fall off at night. Finally a hotel had pillows that were just the right size. Most are so thick you could read with your head on it – and wake up with a neck experiencing rigor mortis. Here is a travel tip for those who suffer from bad pillows: take towels and fold them to the right thickness and use them as pillows.

The bed (being the biggest concern for a traveller) sorted, I poked my way around after a short nap – to find a room designed after my own heart. Perfect lighting, soothing interiors, good selection of channels on the flatscreen television, comfortable couch, a well-designed desk and FREE high speed Wi-Fi. The bathing area too was close to luxurious, with high quality fittings and toiletries, and water pressure that was just right.

And did I mention the view? Great skyline through the large glass wall overlooking the city, accentuated by the play of clouds and light. This could be home for me!!

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield - The Bedroom
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – The Bedroom
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield - The Bath
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – The Bath

This is where I get apprehensive. Most city hotels in India, including many luxury brands, will offer lavish spreads in their restaurants only to leave you feeling with a not-so-good-taste in the mouth and a bloated feeling. I was expecting the same – but Marriott Whitefield really surprised me here.

The buffet at M Cafe, the multi-cuisine restaurant offered much of what you could ask for: Indian, Continental, Oriental, and Italian. Made to order as you watch the chefs in action. All presented and served to please the eye and whet the appetite. I particularly loved the Oriental served outdoors during brunch, and the desserts. It took some effort to restrain myself from going overboard and eat in moderation.

But the real winner was Alto Vino, their Italian restaurant. Credit could well go to the chef, Alfonso Montefusco – he is an investment that the hotel must have recovered many times over with a loyal patronage of guests. Alfonso is one chef who could fit into any restaurant in the world and make a success of it.

The only disappointing dish at Alto Vino was the risotto – even with four attempts, it was unpalatable. Why? It was prepared by four bloggers, yours truly included. What did you expect? Alfonso could have died with what we all prepared in his kitchen. Bet he will never allow anyone to fool around again.

bangalore-marriott-0814- 21
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – The M Cafe

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bangalore-marriott-0814- 26

bangalore-marriott-0814- 29

bangalore-marriott-0814- 45

bangalore-marriott-0814- 125

bangalore-marriott-0814- 132

The gastronomic pampering needed a counter-weight (pun intended) – it was time to hit the gym. The hotel has done a good job here too – with high quality machines, well designed rooms and treadmills overlooking the bar and the open air extension of the M bar and the M Cafe. Easy to feel motivated to sweat it out. The spa too looked very inviting – but I skipped that bit, leaving it for another visit.

How can I end the review without my favorite subject of coffee? The hotel has a lovely bakery cum coffee counter called the Whitefield Baking Company. The coffee was great, but I was disappointed with the muffins. But their freshly baked cookies were from another planet. If you are in Bangalore (I still don’t like calling it by its new name, Bengaluru), you have to pick up the cookies from Marriott Whitefield. And while you are at it, check in too. Using their mobile app.

Talk about #TravelBrilliantly!!

Official Website:

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield - Whitefield Baking Company
Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – Whitefield Baking Company

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka

bangalore-marriott-0814- 9

Full Disclosure: The visit was sponsored by the hotel – but the views expressed here are independent of any commercial objectives and influences. The author has shared his own opinions.



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