At the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield – What to do in a day!!

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The risk in checking into a comfortable hotel is you get lulled into a state of procrastination – and don’t want to move a muscle except to gorge on the wonderful cuisines on offer. That’s what almost happened to me when staying at the Marriott Hotel Whitefield in Bangalore (ok, ok…it’s Bengaluru).

But I did decide not to be a slob and participate in fun and games organized by the hotel for a group of bloggers who had been invited over. What we did was a mix of a treasure hunt, a race, a talent show and a bit more. So here’s a kind of an itinerary that we followed – you could too. With modifications!! Of course, I have taken the creative license to juggle a few pieces here and there – but all are authentic.

  • Good morning with a nice breakfast. The spread was lavish, but I stuck to bowls of milk with homemade muesli (to die for) and coffee.
  • Take a late morning nap while waiting for others. Feels very refreshing.
  • Do the towel test. Make alligators (or ducks, or flowers, or flamingoes as you like) using towels with water bottles to serve as tongue cum jaws and bottle caps for eyes. Do you see what the alligator does?
  • Have another coffee at the Whitefield Baking Company in the hotel – with chocolate cookies (also to die for) fresh from the oven.
  • Go treasure hunting for a blue bird – belonging to the Indian Navy. At the Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum curated by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited on the old Airport Road. Click many selfies with the birds while you are there.
  • While you are at it, drop by at the ‘Our Lady of Lourdes Church’ for some more hidden treasures along the way.
  • Back at the hotel, have a sumptuous brunch. Sit outdoors. We all spend too much time in air-conditioned environments; Bangalore is naturally good at it. And fresh oxygen means you can eat even more.
  • Go back for another nap.
  • Wake up for a behind-the-scenes tour of the hotel, led by the hotel’s General Manager. See how the kitchen operates – with over 70 chefs. And too many of them don’t spoil the broth. In fact, they do a very good job of it and everything else that they cook. In an absolutely clean environment.
  • Go back to Whitefield Baking Company for yet another coffee (or tea) with cookies.
  • Sweat it out in the gym. So you can sin further at the dining table.
  • Try some cocktails (or mocktails in my case) and snacks at the M Bar.
  • Pop into Alto Vino, their Italian restaurant. And plead with the chef Alfonso Montefusco till he agrees to let you cook risotto. When you are done, plead forgiveness for preparing something that even pigs would reject. And allow Alfonso to serve you the best Italian meal you would have ever had.

If you don’t sleep after all this, the X-Men, or the Expendables, or the Men in Black will get you.

Travel Brilliantly – – and happily!!

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bangalore-marriott-0814- 84
Does this look like an alligator?
bangalore-marriott-0814- 95
Attempting a version of risotto!!
bangalore-marriott-0814- 117
The group of bloggers (un)successful at preparing risotto
bangalore-marriott-0814- 122
The Blue Bird
bangalore-marriott-0814- 50
A tour of the kitchen
bangalore-marriott-0814- 51
Dishes ready to be served in the kitchen
bangalore-marriott-iphone-0814- 14
Selfie time with the Blue Bird




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