Travel Tech: Lava Iris X1 – KitKat Magic on a budget…and good looking too

Lava Iris X1: KitKat Magic on a budget...and good looking too

Just how much can you pack into a phone that costs Rs 7,999? Well, if you are the folks at Lava, quite a bit, Because for that price, the Iris X1 gives you a 4.5-inch display, a 1.2 Ghz quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage (expandable using a microSD card), an 8.0-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, dual SIM connectivity with 3G support, and all of this running on not some archaic version of Android, but the latest, KitKat (4.4), no less. And all of this in a package that is right out of the fantasy pages of most geeks – an Android device that looks like an iPhone. Yes, make no mistake about it – the Lava Iris X1 looks unabashedly like a slightly larger version of the iPhone 4S with its flat front and back and metallic sides (and a surprising 8.9 mm thickness). But hey, considering how gorgeous that device was, we cannot see anyone complaining.

And it all actually works pretty well. Yes, we would have liked slightly better call quality (sound did get muffled sometimes) and the sound on headphones and speaker is a bit flat, but we can see travellers on a tight budget developing a soft corner for the device. The camera does not handle colours as well as we would have liked but captures detail decently and the dual LED flash is handy for low light conditions – it is much better than the fixed focus affair you get on the Moto E. Thanks to the latest version of Android, you have services like Google Now which actually tell you about upcoming events, trips and give you route information in the form of cards. Of course, travellers also get services like the excellent Google Maps and Google Translate. All of which looks pretty decent on the 4.5-inch display which, while not being the brightest we have seen, is very good for this price point. Just remember to keep a charger handy as the battery on the X1 can drain fast, especially if you tend to use the camera a lot.

All said and done, we must confess to developing a soft corner for the Lava Iris X1. Not just because it is good looking, but because it delivers a fair bit at a surprisingly low price.

Lava Iris X1: Price –┬áRs 7,999



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