Augment reality the Xperia Z3 way: Adding dinosaurs, butterflies and fairies to pictures

Sony Xperia Z3 (1)

We had mentioned that the Sony Xperia Z3 was very good at taking photographs. So good as to actually give you the option of leaving your trusty point and shooter, and occasionally even your DSLR, behind. But what makes it special is not just its ability to photograph what you see through it, but also what you do not.

No, we are not getting into the realms of fantasy here. All you need to do is press the camera shooting mode and switch to “AR Effects” mode and you will get a whole lot of augmented reality options. In simple English – depending on the effect you choose, you will be able to see a host of things, ranging from dinosaurs to butterflies, to volcanoes on the display, as well as the view from the camera. What’s more, you can move them around and even place them where you want in the display.

And oh yes, they remain in the picture when you hit the shutter button, giving a picture of not just what you saw but also a few additional things that no one else has (not unless they have an Xperia Z3 too)

Making this happen are two very handy apps that come within the camera app of Xperia Z3 – AR Fun and AR Effects. AR Effects is the more interactive one, showing people walking around and objects moving, while AR Fun is a bit more static, letting you add objects by tracing them with your finger on the display.

Of the two, AR Effects is easily the more fun, letting you add fairies, fish, and even the odd Tyrannosaurus Rex to seemingly routine pictures. All you have to do is go to shooting mode, select AR Effects, choose the effect you want, and then move the objects around and bingo, you have a picture that is unlikely to be easily matched. We, for instance, devoted our energies to making a glass of water – what could be duller? – look interesting by chucking in some pixies and toadstools. We are sure you could find more interesting subjects on your travels: imagine parking a Tyrannosaurus Rex next to a prominent monument? (we are so going to try that!).

Just ONE teeny word of caution – using the AR Effects app tends to heat up the device, and after a certain temperature, the camera tends to shut down. So, while the effects are a lot of fun, do err on the side of caution while using them.

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